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  1. You guys have any ideas on where to put a speaker? I tried putting it under my chestplate but got a LOT of feedback. I tried it again with the mic under my helmet and speaker on my belt so it was the chestplate causing the feedback. I was thinking the belt, but it's black and I don't want it to be too obvious if I can avoid it. I would like easy access to turn it off if I do get feedback though. I'm using this one: http://trooperbay.com/18w-portable-voice-mini-pa-amplifier-loudspeaker/
  2. Nice to see you on here, DarthMel. Good luck with your build!
  3. Looking good! I especially like your helmet. I might try out some novus on my armor - I like that shine.
  4. Oh, it's done. The thighs need some work and I need to install the inner drop boxes but other than that it's over. The thigh garter fell apart on Halloween so it just sat in the box for months and I unsuccessfully tried to sell it. But it's fixed now and we're back in business.
  5. Don't have any pics, but here's an excerpt of what I wrote on my garrison board about the first run in armor. "99% of the time I was dealing with my thighs moving around and getting stuck or falling down too far. Then toward the end my right thigh garter failed and I had to hold my right thigh piece up the remaining two blocks back home. My lenses also fogged up a good amount too. I also had a good amount of armor bite from the back of my thighs and my butt piece along with my ab plate wanting to slide down. So other than that whole train wreck lets get to the positives. I had a a couple come
  6. The AT&T store can transfer all of my contacts for me. If I get an iphone I imagine they can do the apps too.
  7. Oh, I forgot to mention that I am looking at the 1020 instead of the 1520 because the 1520 was too big.
  8. Hey, I'm starting my search for my soul phone since my 4S is starting to breakdown on me - most notably the battery. I've begun searching for a phone to replace it and I've basically decided on 3 choices. I went to my AT&T store today and tried out the Nokia Lumia 1520. It wasn't a bad phone, but it was just too big for my taste. I could fit my entire 4S and case inside the screen of it. Not really sure why the windows phones get such negative feedback; sure, it's not an iPhone but from I experienced it was still pretty solid and I would learn to like it as I got used to the whole live til
  9. That armor is nice! Keep in mind you can always sell that ANH blaster to fund this build. I understand if you don't want to, but it's an option.
  10. Alright, got some flat black screws that worked on my TD. That's finished now. But since you can only buy screws in bulk at Lowes, I now have enough screws to assemble several hundred thermal detonators. So, if you need someone to do that for you....hey.
  11. Yeah, I decided to give this a shot for the price. I'll let you all know how it sounds. It can do MP3s and voice and both at the same time and all that too.
  12. Saw this and wanted to get a second opinion, the prices are very nice for how little extra work would need to be done to make them Star Warsy. http://www.cushmanpaintball.com/replicaspage.html Anybody have any experience with them?
  13. This one. http://trooperbay.com/18w-portable-voice-mini-pa-amplifier-loudspeaker/
  14. Just ordered a hardhat liner and comm package from Trooperbay, really good deal on the comm but a total of $90 after shipping still hurts the wallet a bit.
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