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  1. Ah ok. So Internet Explorer is the problem with the picture issue.
  2. Sorry for the lack of updates guys but I'm having issues post pictures here. I can't get the image tool to post pictures and it locks up on me. I have the shins done and I'm working on the arms next. I know there is no return edge on the wrist end of the forearms. What's the verdict on the end near the elbow? Thanks.
  3. Wow. Ok I haven't been here in a while. Ok so yeah, This project is actually under way. Rough cuts are underway cleaning up mold lines and trimming excess ABS. I'll post pics once I have something worth showing or if I screw up and come crying for help.
  4. The black and grey I found localy. The blue I had to order direct from Testors web site.
  5. Quick question for you guys. My kit is glossy ABS and as such I didn't have plans to paint the armor save for the buttons and helmet details. What do you guys use to prep those areas for paint and is glossy ABS acceptable for Centurion level or does the suit need to be re painted gloss white first? The CRL's only specify hand painted details if I'm not mistaken. Thanks.
  6. I submitted it 2 weeks ago. There was apparently an issue that needed to go to deferral for a few days but it's all passed now.
  7. Thanks, guys. Thanks Ryan. The build thread was here: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/25761-we-are-all-infected-tk-0380s-deathtrooper/ I have close ups of the helmet and some of the other parts there and I can put up anything else you want to see. This was the best full body shot I could find: And the helmet:
  8. Just got notification that my kit is done. Holding this spot for my build thread. Fingers crossed.
  9. Attended Walkerstalkercon at Boston this past Sunday. 22 celebs from The Walking Dead and various others were there. Alanna Masterson who plays Tara in season 3 almost tripped over her own table when she saw me shamble by. Seems shes a huge Star Wars fan and had to get a picture. Also, Meyrick Murphy who played The Governor's adopted daughter Meghan came over for a picture. Ming Chen and Bryan Johson from Comic Book Men were also there and were great to talk to. And of course I brought along a Jedi to keep me from eating anyone. If you get a chance to attend this one locally I highly recommend it. Its a fun convention. They estimated the crowd over the 3 days at about 15,000 attendees.
  10. Thanks guys. Round 2 will be at Walkerstalker Boston this Sunday. I've submitted it for Legion approval so here's hoping. Here's a shot from the contest stage. I don't own this pic. I found it at Nerdcaliber.com.
  11. Thats just my preference. There is no one right way to do this and I think you did a fantastic job overall.
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