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  1. My garrison has easily 15+ active RS props troopers in it.
  2. I love your thread D! Thanks for the awesome update. You're a pleasure to troop with and you make a great TK.
  3. Now THAT is an impressive......Vader. ;-) Sent from the Death Star
  4. Bout time John! How is it that Vader is on the FISD and a trooper wasn't? R u just trying to be dramatic?? [emoji6]
  5. Anything with wheels is a good thing. [emoji1]
  6. Lol! Thanks Eric! Check out bikerscouts. I have a TB in the works for myself!
  7. Biceps and forearms are assembling well this week. I cannot for the life of me figure out which shin is which! In the AM 2.0 the overlaps are all gone so I really cant figure this out. Can anyone tell me which pieces are right leg and left leg? Also how wide should be coverstrips be for shins and thighs?
  8. Been following on bikerscout.net. Great build Walt! Sign me up for one when you're ready!!!!
  9. Looks great Jeff! Hope GML approves you soon.
  10. Hey James! Welcome to the GGG! Look forward to seeing you finish up and get out on some troops with us!
  11. Which is why you pointed me to post #30? Geesh.
  12. Didn't really answer my question. I read almlost all the posts and I do understand your accuracy is higher than the rest but I was wondering if there is something about your materials or manufacturing process that warrants the doubling of price or if you are pricing what the market will bear based on yours being the more accurate. Just wondering.
  13. Tim! Welcome to the GGG buddy. Can't wait to have you in the ranks! I'm down on San Jose but armor parties have been known to happen at my place. If you have time lets set something up the next few weeks!
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