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  1. A great design Thank you to all that took the time to participate
  2. Congratulations once again trooper, the journey is now complete, now pass on to others what you have learned "this is the way"
  3. Backplate would be dropping down as your ab is coming up. I would suggest tighter strapping between the ab and chest, if there is no room because of the brackets I would add additional chest strapping and keep the brackets for show I use adjustable straps with my ab/chest connectors and snap plates I don't have a photo handing of the inside so here is a similar one
  4. Hello and welcome to the white zone
  5. Hello and welcome aboard, good luck with approval
  6. I use a 400 grit to finish, really just personal choice, if it feels fine and won't catch you should be ok
  7. I find that happens with my PTT which is why I don't use mine all of the time, it's just now and again it doesn't catch all I'm saying but can be annoying, I have better luck with just the open mic
  8. I'm looking forward to trying resin printing in the future. Although not printed I have found when casting resin pieces that if there is not enough hardener pieces under any strain can bulge or split I guess that's the same with printing resin, needs to harden and fully cure. Remaking parts is not nice but your trial and error will definitely help others in the future.
  9. Looking good. I hate switching out the tips so have 3 Dremel's (knock off brands) with different tips, great to swap between from trimming to sanding, but definitely finish off with a hand sand to get rid of any sharp edges, finish with a finer sandpaper so there are no rough areas which may get caught on your undersuit
  10. There is limit to how many attachments you can have in a post, most of use use an online image host, Imgur is used a lot, once you upload your images there you can copy and paste the "direct link" to the image directly into your posts. Here is a great How To At a quick glance appears your thighs may be a little big and your shins could come down a little
  11. I was working on one version, but was reading the requirements again and it's for approved 501st members. I'm not an approved member yet. Bummer. May need @Sly11 to confirm as although it says "approved members" it also says "If you can see this post, you can enter" which obviously you can see
  12. A little hard to see the position of your thigh ammo strip with the clamps on, I would also advise gluing the backs and adding the coverstrip before adding the ammo strip. Some references, note not all armor makes have long enough ammo strip to meet both corners, if this is the case try to even out the spacing on the sides when attaching
  13. That came out great, nice work. One thing to watch once you get suited up is make sure you have some of the O detail showing from the back, many forget this when assembling their TD's
  14. Backplate can come up, also looks like you need an elastic strap between the butt plate and cod, that should pull them together nicely
  15. I would just trim your corners to meet the belt and see how that looks, there is no actual size for the corners One thing which may get a knock back at higher levels is the width of your sewing, having the double V stitch looks quite wide compared to original belts, but that is entirely up to the deployment officers
  16. On my RS set I had to add some pieces of foam inside to help keep them central, you don't want to make them too narrow or they will look odd against the rest of the armor
  17. I run mine up over the neck then down the arm no need for making any holes. Depends on the troop, most of the time I don't use the PTT, you just have to be a little more careful what words you use
  18. Some choose to leave some return edge, some remove all, I have thin arms so the extra return helps hold them in place and not wobble. Here is a great thread on return edges
  19. Nothing better than BBB's. 1. Most build threads are pretty much the same when building, Tony's has a very in-depth Anovos thread https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/35086-ukswraths-anovos-tk-build-stunt/ 2. The large piece of plastic is for your cover strips 3. Yes some pieces are differently sized, lots of references available in the Gallery Sections https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/gallery/category/24-anh-tk-reference/ Here is a very in-depth thread of resources, lots of info to help your build there https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/
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