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  1. Also make sure you check the back as well as the front, some miss this an end up trimming too much off the rear
  2. Looking good, you may want to adjust your arm gaps, try bringing your forearm down a little more, you have quite a big gap at the wrists
  3. Top right corner of your first post there are three dots, click on that and a menu will open, select "edit"
  4. Going to do some re-checking in a few areas as I noticed while researching a few images now have watermarks that previously were fine, perhaps photobucket finding older accounts, also links missing S in the address (https://) no longer functioning Costuming and Builds - EU (501st Approved) Stormtrooper Commander Page 4 complete - gmrhodes13 Page 3 complete - gmrhodes13
  5. Make sure you leave plenty of drying time between coats, I've noticed with some paints the thinners in the paint can seep into already filled lines and become soft again which then can show lines again
  6. Off to a good start, the never ending sanding, only downside to 3D printing
  7. Hello and welcome aboard, here's a great thread full of helpful links Also when building and in doubt check out some of the gallery sections Good luck
  8. Some images of the blaster in this reference area
  9. - HWT Build Threads - Glen Page 3 complete - gmrhodes13 Page 2 complete - gmrhodes13 Page 1 complete - gmrhodes13 SECTION COMPLETED
  10. Oh happy days, what no panic yet A couple of great go to helmet builds. Some great helmet references here and also here Also when building check with the gallery sections And most importantly if you don't know ask Good luck with the build
  11. Be nice if he shared info here well I guess it's shared now, I think a lot of makers forget to share info, it's not that we are the largest community for Stormtroopers or anything, if FB doesn't count lol Crooknight did say some time ago he was no longer supplying packs, glad I got a copy of his spacepack files, gotta finish those one day
  12. Heavy Weapons Trooper - Glen Page 4 complete - gmrhodes13 Page 3 complete - gmrhodes13 Page 2 complete - gmrhodes13 Page 1 complete - gmrhodes13 SECTION COMPLETED
  13. While you have that in hand I'm heading over to the EU build areas, noticed a lot of images missing while doing some research. Costuming and Builds - EU (501st Approved) - TO BE CHECKED, a lot of build threads need moving because of missing images Heavy Weapons Trooper - Glen Page 7 complete - gmrhodes13 Page 6 complete - gmrhodes13 Page 5 complete - gmrhodes13
  14. Nice to see your BBB photos, looking forward to seeing you kitted up
  15. It does take some practice, clamping small areas after heating will definitely help, good on you for taking the plunge, looking forward to seeing your progress
  16. The only reason I pointed it out was the model was showing a recess, but if you are on top of it disregard the comment
  17. FYI there should be a small gap/seam between the boxes and ab
  18. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Husky-37-in-Rolling-Tool-Box-Utility-Cart-Black-209261/203668066 A few threads may have some other info
  19. Our local goo gone has an orange smell so it can be quite pleasant, well to smell not to scrape off
  20. Congratulations and welcome to the ranks trooper
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