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  1. I am in the planning stages of building a set of armor for Shrap. He's one of the troopers that's part of SCAR Squadron in the comics. I noticed there is already a Sergeant Kreel, but my personal favorite is Shrap and I know there's no CRL for him so I'm utilizing all my outlets for verification before I start spending and potentially wasting money. First off. I'm gonna be basing the style/design off Jorge Molina's drawings (referenced bellow). I know this is important to note because several artists have officially drawn these characters and this guy varies between every comic he's in. Is this valid for getting it approved or do I need to go off of how he appears most commonly? The questions I have are: - The fabric is meant to be fire resistant as he uses a flamethrower. What fabric would you recommend to pull off that look? This is more if regular fabric with a style to it doesn't fit. Is there something that can convey more obviously that it's fire resistant? - What do you see that is notably different from the normal TK? My safe bet is the arms, legs, and cod piece are the same, with the chest, back, belly, and helmet are different and would need to be made custom. - The boots in these frames look more like white combat boots as opposed to the regular TK boots they're usually wearing in other comics. With this artists version of the trooper, would that be a valid assumption and get boots more fitting to this style to stay accurate to these references? Thanks for your time and inputs! This is really important to me and I need all the verification and validation I can get because this trooper has no CRL and I don't feel like messing this up haha
  2. Requesting 501st access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=36117
  3. Hey all, I've recently been looking into the armor portion of getting into the 501st and I'm having trouble deciding if this is good enough. https://www.originalstormtrooper.com/ Everything I've seen on and about this site looks legit and everything looks top quality, but I suppose my question is, would this be approved? Does it have to be built by me? Is this cheating or unfair? Do any of you have experience with this site/creator? Any help on this matter is appreciated and my main reason for wanting to get it from this creator is how legit it is, they use original molds, it's cheaper than getting it built anywhere is the US, and I don't have the time or means to make my own armor. Many thanks, Jake
  4. Hello members of the 501st. I go by Fruit online so you can just call me that till I get to you know you. I have not applied for the 501st just yet cause I need to get my armor still. Only problem is that I'm a new guy that has a passion for star wars and cosplaying but has no experience in getting an armor kit ready for full use and so it can be approved. I did read somewhere that you guys meet up and I'd have the chance to work on my armor along with some help from you guys so if that's true I'd love to do that and learn from the experts On the topic of that, I'd like to know the easiest place to find out where and when you guys do these meetups. Is it just the calendar on the website? Then on to the armor kit. I read through the people not to order from and I found a guy called 850Armorworks on Etsy and couldn't find his name on that list. If you guys could confirm or deny that he's a good source that would help me out a lot. I hope to go far in the 501st and see how many people I can make smile at the sight of me
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