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  1. Can  I be next in line if not gone

  2. I'm in the same boat but I've been stupidly returning later
  3. Ron that's great you kept at it are nearing the finish line. I've watched the vids that are suggested and they are really good those guys all make it look easy.
  4. This was one my thoughts that led me to pick the stunt route.
  5. Wow you are moving along. But back to the lenses the gap that I have heard mentioned is it noticeable from the outside or really subtle? I'm all for air flow and being cool but is there any draw backs to this method?
  6. Wow thanks for the responses . I guess what made me really notice the difference was I recently saw a helmet for sale with a really high brow. It looked like a TK except in the description it stated it was an unwethered sandy, so that is in line with all the above. And yeah I guess ANH TKs were all over I did a little digging here and there was a shot of a squad from what appeared to be right out of the film and the brows were all over the place. None of them appeared to be in the same spot.
  7. Thanks for the input about the sandtroopers, I didn't know that.
  8. Hey everyone I've just recently noticed on some TK s the brow is high and on others its low. is there a right and or wrong brow placement or is this just personal preference. I guess I should mention I'm mainly focusing on OT ANH stunt or hero, but any TK brow placement input is appreciated.
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