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For all things Space Pack related.


John's pack thread:




On John:



Close up



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Older conversation with pix : http://whitearmor.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=684

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Wait im sure John discovered that they are more tube like with a small series of smaller tubes running all the way around. Its documented somewhere and the same parts are seen used on the Death Star at one part....or am i going completly mad :huh: ? I wish I knew where he had posted that but i believe the pack above is the first one with limited knowlage and the newer one he has yet to make?

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Wait im sure John discovered that they are more tube like with a small series of smaller tubes running all the way around.


it was rpf member James Kenobi 1138 he also made the connection with the death star part.


unless new photos turn up i don't think we will ever know 100% what they used




personally im not a fan of any of the replicas made so far

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Hi Lads


I 100% know what was used to make the bottles.

I've been in touch with someone involved in making them and their vague memories and a little bit of sniffing I've nailed it 100%. I can match those bottles 100% and prove it as well.


Thing I'm not too sure on is the bottom part


Now then, at the time of making mine, it was kind of rushed for CE, but now I'm in no rush :) and want to make these as best I can


Thing is, I don't know what the bottom part was made from....?

I was hoping the making of books would help and shed a little light but it just confuses things TBH. The book doesn't make sense. Anyway....


I plan to make a few more of these but wanted an opinion on the bottom part.


Do you like my current bottom or should I try and replicate a toy version, as such...


*NB these bottles are a very good likeness to the bottles used. However, the hose and position of attachment to the helmet, are not





The shape of this style lower part kind of tallies up with my photoshop work of what the actual shape of the lower part might be.

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Update on this lads....

This is something that means quite a lot to me :)

Many hours of research, many emails back and forth to folks involved, many pigeon english emails with a Japanese sculptor, many incorrect purchases of what I believed the bottles to be and many cut fingers and splitners to make my prototype version, made just before CE, shown here:



With help from the sculptor and a lovely Japanese lady named Akiko who I used to work with :) I've managed to track down the exact thing used way back in 76 to recreate the bottles used on the Death Star surface and what a lot have believed for a long time were also then used on the back of the 2 TKs outside the Death Star as the Falcon gets sucked in


Here the guys are



Cleaned up in photoshop



This image shows the bottle tops are flat with some nipple on top





This toy made many moons ago shows what the maker thought the bottles should look like (this was based on what he was told BTW :))



When most saw those bottles, it was dismissed as being inaccurate due to the hose and fastening to the chest.......

However a few years ago a chap on the RPF thought they might be bottles used on the Death Star surface. Then there was a SW exhibition in London. In there they had a few meters of the Death Star surface and these turret guns. I saw these bottles (before the link was made) and yes, they're about the correct size :)

Shown in the corner here





Now then....

Does this look familiar to you :)



I then went through everything to try and recreate the shapes seen. this is what I've come up with so far



With a clue from the scupltor I then managed to nail it down further with the help of this pattern here (thanks to Alex Howard for the reminder on this pattern)




I'm pretty happy with myself after some 5+ years of fiddling with this.


All I need to do now, is take my time, create the rest of the detail and vac form a new bottom


This is all I have on that so far. The sculptor was told those lower parts were just made up



However, I doubt that and they MUST have been used elsewhere in the film.


So can I ask if anyone wants to kindly sit down and watch ANH 100 times in slow mo to find the lower bit, feel free.


John :)



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wow, what very impressive work thus far. i'll watch the movie a time or two and see if i can figure anything out. plus i actually like watching it more now days (looking at the stormtroopers and thinking about different mods/builds) haha


best of luck to you man :) you've out done yourself :duim:

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Hey Guys! I wanted to post these for everyone. I've been takin shots from the Blu-Ray disks and this is one trooper I always wanted to really get a good look at. I hope these will help.


EDIT Sly11  (Unable to recover any of the images)





Now even at 1080p, the troops are still tiny. So I'm going to try to clean it up a bit more and enlarge them the best I can.

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So the bottles are from some old model Tanker truck? Probably a 1/16th fuel tanker...like an old AMC or Ertl...Interesting...These guys were the kings of kitbashing for all kinds of stuff...

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On 6/30/2011 at 1:15 AM, john danter said:

I'm keeping a hold on this until the BluRay release 


Hopefully get to see more of the lower bit 


Any progress on this build? I would love to see a finished one. :)

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Sorry Gents, no no new movements on this.

I move to Ireland soon and will start a permanent job. Hopefully when I get settled I'll have a nice old shed/garage and start tinkering again.

I've still got all my stuff and haven't thrown anything. Bottles are still here but sat in a box in the shed for now.


I did make the rods





and my take on the side detail



I ddi try to make in a kit form so I could offer them to others but it's looking near on impossible to do it quickly.


My apologies for taking so long on this, and my V2 eyes :(

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Hi guys


Just thought I would drop in with my current build project that I've just finished, been several years in the planning and following on from my UKG partner in crime John Danters build, having led him to the used upper tank kit


I've always thought the lower tank reminded me of a cement mixer drum, I've used two of the paystar kits but they also made the kenworth transit mixer kit too which I never got hold of, any way two of these stuck together plus the amt union 76 tanker, along with the amt moving on truck... And some plumbing pieces and artistic license I've ended up with this..... Enjoy














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