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  1. i will ignore your veiled cheap shot steffen enjoy your fan fiction
  2. sorry steffen but unless you can prove it, a certain claim in your chart is a insult to this very forum
  3. so when somebody claims to have sculpted a full tk from scratch without any photographic proof of any sculpting in progress that's acceptable is it really ? its like one person gets a free pass, but everybody else gets put through the wringer when it comes to the tk Armour making world and people have to the right to believe tm or not, just like i have the right to my opinion that's my last 2pence worth on this matter
  4. i say this with respect no one should be saying without 100% proof that TM is a 100% from scratch build/sculpt either
  5. some interesting pics http://www.originalprop.com/blog/2014/01/30/exclusive-237-lostunpublished-historic-star-wars-and-indiana-jones-movie-prop-photos-from-the-lucasfim-archives-from-19961997/
  6. you don't even know me, so keep your not so stealthy accusations to yourself thanks & i said i think some people need to climb down off that high horse giddy up
  7. where in my post does it say that exactly ? that's right nowhere
  8. its a MR CE copy & just like don post items get cast by many people company's that are long gone out of business are considered by some in the prop community to be fair game not everybody agree's with that, but that's just the way it has been for a long time now
  9. if you don't like it don't buy it ps as far as i know this seller is well respected in the prop world
  10. since its public now https://www.facebook.com/UKGarrison?fref=ts
  11. two different helmet pics in auction the pic you posted looks like a riddell or master replica mini helmet
  12. no need to buy templates when they are free on this very forum this thread might be helpful http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/24031-lemaxims-dvh-anh-blastech-e11-build/
  13. back in 2007 there was a thread on the rpf suggesting it might be part of a derwent engine
  14. true could a mod change the title of the thread then please to ( original boot brand name )
  15. remember CFO sells kits on e-bay i think the don't buy from ebay brush is a bit too wide
  16. i posted the name last year here the original brand is stuart but you will struggle to find a pair
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