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  1. some helmets fit snugger than others. usually adding/removing padding is all you need to do, but for some people larger helmets are a must...
  2. i have AM and wear an RT helmet. looks good to me.
  3. welcome aboard good sir. glad to have you
  4. Happy Birthday to our fearless leader
  5. i hope to be going myself. i'll deff be bringing my armor too
  6. took the words right from my keyboard. lol. i totally agree. though it's just based off of the one pic. im sure those screen grabs are hard to get as far as a good one of the TD, but to know a better screen accurate model, you'd have to look at a few to make sure theirs common grounds. dont wanna be looking at mr no stripes.
  7. comically enough, i once actually did take a knee while in my armor... dropped something and after about 5 min of not being able to get it... well accidents happen. haha but sorry, no pics.
  8. Eric

    Is this old news?

    never seen that before. seen similar stuff before, but those type flicks are always awesome
  9. i heard a rumor, but wasn't sure. glad we can all sleep easier now knowing this.
  10. it's about time you posted on here. haha. i'll drop by around 7 to help you on your suit man welcome aboard .... officially. lol
  11. Eric

    EIB challenge!

    CONGRATS ON 160!! i know i'm proud of you.
  12. looks great. looks more like a single light glowing. awesome outfit.
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