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  1. some helmets fit snugger than others. usually adding/removing padding is all you need to do, but for some people larger helmets are a must...
  2. i have AM and wear an RT helmet. looks good to me.
  3. Happy Birthday to our fearless leader
  4. took the words right from my keyboard. lol. i totally agree. though it's just based off of the one pic. im sure those screen grabs are hard to get as far as a good one of the TD, but to know a better screen accurate model, you'd have to look at a few to make sure theirs common grounds. dont wanna be looking at mr no stripes.
  5. comically enough, i once actually did take a knee while in my armor... dropped something and after about 5 min of not being able to get it... well accidents happen. haha but sorry, no pics.
  6. looks great. looks more like a single light glowing. awesome outfit.
  7. good luck i'm sure you'll be fine.
  8. Eric

    Just a heads up

    adding to our suspensefulness? rude. lol. can't wait to see it. i'm sure it'll rock
  9. that's not a bad difference. i'd say well worth it. it'd give traceability
  10. looks like fun. glad you enjoyed it. i know what it's like having your batteries die on you. i keep spare ones in the helmet and in my back plate. lol.
  11. Eric

    Trooper Down

    sorry to hear that man. i know that can be rough. hope you get better soon enough
  12. lol. at first i read this and was like... umm okay..? and as soon as i clicked the link i started laughing. you discribed it spot on. haha
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