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  1. I wonder if back in the day, the ANH stuff was as plentiful and possible to find as this back pack was.
  2. RS is so much better than Rogue One armor. Try to post some more pics.
  3. You did a great job. Looks like a real Stormtrooper. Your height seems too short for a trooper, but your build and trim look perfect. I hope that makes sense. Your trooper looks like it's much taller.
  4. Wow - looking good. Looks like a great kit. Love the Blaster too.
  5. Do you have pictures of your flexible mannequin. Did you build it or buy it? ...and again, please share how tall your trooper. Looks fantastic.
  6. That does look sick! I assume this is not a mannequin. What's your height and weight?
  7. Wow - armor fits you like a glove. What's your height and weight?
  8. I never knew there was a store. What is the link?
  9. Where is this going? I hate waiting. Someone take a vacuum to my wallet. I want it.
  10. Looking good. Well done on West Point. Keep up the hard work!
  11. Anyone know why RS doesn't make a Hero?
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