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  1. The tabletop sander is definitely a helpful tool.
  2. I plan on buying one within the next week. The price point is good and I already got the standard helmet cheap on Amazon. The wait doesn't bother me, I'll be lucky with the amount of free time I have if I can get my Anovos TK done before then.
  3. I've always felt the best way to explain it away is we use the term recasting as our community sees it as you would use plagiarism as in passing off another's work as your own.
  4. Lexan or RC car body scissors are highly recommended, especially the curved ones are a life/sanity saver.
  5. Using plastic from different builders is always a gamble, but since Anovos used custom plastic its even potentially worse. Please let us know how it matches and make sure to take pictures in different lighting.
  6. Its not unusual. My last order from them took a month from shipment to arrival.
  7. Considering the guy trash talks the 501st every single chance he gets on the RPF, I don't think I need to tell you where he can stick his helmets. I think its a load of BS.
  8. they have them at disneyland as well. You can also get them at the disney "malls" near both parks (so you don't have to pay to enter the park).
  9. How is this acceptable for clearance? Novatroopers are from Star Wars Galaxies and Star Wars Galaxies isn't canon.
  10. nice use of braun shaver cleaning cartridges! lol
  11. YES very very important to remember. aka QFE.
  12. Especially considering he has the one film accurate thing absolutely no one else can have, himself. lol
  13. And remember, both are just bs extrapolations for costume design choices (pauldrons) and costume variations (ear marks) so do what ever makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. If you want to wear a pauldron, wear a pauldron just don't wear it in your official legion pictures or at canon events. Other than that, if anybody gives you static for it, tell em sit on it. Do what makes you happy, as long as its within the rules.
  14. definitely a great build with some great ideas!
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