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  1. I ID'd the retractable stock on the E-11SD (for lack of a better name) to a VERY close degree. I ordered one and when it arrives I will share pics. I posted a link in a thread I started elsewhere....<br> Also, if they are doing a run of the armor and helmet, please let me know, as I will put down a deposit as needed to be one of the first to get in. I want this ready for the premier!
  2. So, it looks like we will have a bunch of new additions with the premiere in December of Rogue One. Some of them will be here, some will be in Spec Ops, such as the Death Trooper for sure, and possibly the Shore Trooper, as it is listed as being a "Specialist". <br> That being said, I want to have a finished DeathTrooper in time for the premier...does anyone know someone working on the helmet and armor pieces? I am getting the "Vader" belt buckle, and I have, or am in the process of making/getting, some of the other parts (Ammo packs, E-1SD etc. ). <br> Let's make this happen!
  3. Is that a US Standard Tactical Bananna, or an EU Issue Bananna?
  4. So here is my question...it is just a matter of time until they get out, so how do we get access to the studio's 3D files to print por own suits? I can get access to the correct resin powder printer if needed, It will just cost a small fortune. Then it is just a matter of having the original files. <br> Thoughts?
  5. Welcome Sebastian, and it was a real pleasure meeting you and your daughters at Baltimore Comic Con! I am grateful for your kind words, and I am glad I was helpful and a good representative of the FISD and The 501st. I look forward to seeing more of your collection and following your progress!
  6. I have a dummy Glock and we are building the 3D model. We hope to have a couple test versions soon...
  7. Hey JJ, what kind of 3D printer are you using? I have been using a Makerbot and have a HELL of a time with cleaning up the support structures.
  8. I have sent emails since June and gotten no reply...
  9. Anybody know how to get in touch with them? I sent them several messages recently on the website and have not heard back. I had gotten an email from one of them in response to a question a few months ago, but I can not seem to find it. EDIT: Ah, They are/were on vacation. Anyone know when they are supposed to be back?
  10. Welcome! If you have not reached out to Brian Robinson (tkrestonva here on the boards) do so! He is in Northern Virginia, and he is THE Master Armorer and all around good guy. I look forward to trooping with you! Cheers!
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