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  1. some helmets fit snugger than others. usually adding/removing padding is all you need to do, but for some people larger helmets are a must...
  2. i have AM and wear an RT helmet. looks good to me.
  3. Happy Birthday to our fearless leader
  4. took the words right from my keyboard. lol. i totally agree. though it's just based off of the one pic. im sure those screen grabs are hard to get as far as a good one of the TD, but to know a better screen accurate model, you'd have to look at a few to make sure theirs common grounds. dont wanna be looking at mr no stripes.
  5. comically enough, i once actually did take a knee while in my armor... dropped something and after about 5 min of not being able to get it... well accidents happen. haha but sorry, no pics.
  6. looks great. looks more like a single light glowing. awesome outfit.
  7. good luck i'm sure you'll be fine.
  8. Eric

    Just a heads up

    adding to our suspensefulness? rude. lol. can't wait to see it. i'm sure it'll rock
  9. that's not a bad difference. i'd say well worth it. it'd give traceability
  10. looks like fun. glad you enjoyed it. i know what it's like having your batteries die on you. i keep spare ones in the helmet and in my back plate. lol.
  11. Eric

    Trooper Down

    sorry to hear that man. i know that can be rough. hope you get better soon enough
  12. lol. at first i read this and was like... umm okay..? and as soon as i clicked the link i started laughing. you discribed it spot on. haha
  13. hmm.... how bout that. all i ever knew was he was looking into being able to do it or w/e... then nothing, but then again i did disappear from the boards for a while. lol.
  14. wasn't TM working on armor that had a lot of bend to it? to be like the rubbery armor seen in a few pics?
  15. iPhones are good phones, and i too hardly remember how i lived without one, but to me an iPhone is rather lame... a "jailbroke" iPhone however. lol. now that's where it's at. i dont have a star wars theme on mine. mine's all custom and does neet things it's "not supposed to be able to do" like look and operate like an android. lol. it's easy to do, there's tutorials all over the web, youtube is a good place to start. and Jarred, yes it'd be winterboard. everything goes onto the springboard, but is managed through winterboard and cydia.
  16. but with something like these, would there still be a way to store things in them? i like the idea. sounds cool, but i usually store something in mine.
  17. talk to Paul. he might be able to help you http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?showuser=76
  18. RTmod comes to mind. and TK4261 sells great fans that are easy to install (velcro)... that's bout what i have, i love my helmet.
  19. as stated anything inside the helmet or armor is all up to the wearer. in fact, at times it seams that it's encouraged to find new ways to modify those details. some people have drinking water compartments, some hidden cameras or like me, a camera holster in my thigh. fans inside the helmet are popular enough and especially mic systems. get creative, just so long as it looks accurate from the outside, you're golden. i've heard of a guy who has a cooling system built all through his armor and can stay cooled no matter what while trooping. but that sounds almost like an urban legend to me. haha
  20. yeah, when i do any armor mods (especially with my dremel) i make sure everyone knows and knows not to bother me. lol.
  21. Eric

    Original ANH

    my personal fave is when i watch it on laser disk. but i'm weird and prefer laser disks in general. lol.
  22. my RTmod originally came with a smoke lens that i've recently replaced with flat green... if you decide you do want flat smoke and not green PM me you addy and it's yours good sir.
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