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TK MEMES Coins - Actually Real


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"TK MEMES Coin Run"

Please read everything carefully.


Coin designed by your friendly neighborhood Meme Squad

The meme trio drafted and modified the design several times, and in my IMHO has given us an amazing design that will surely stand out in any coin collection. We are happy to present the TK Memes Coin.

   :dancing-trooper::dancing-trooper: :dancing-trooper:


Original April 1st joke proof with poor editing



Actual proof for design revealed on April 2nd

Artwork by Adam with Luca modeling




Here are some basic questions you may have, but please ask on this thread if you have others.


1.  How much are they?

  • Each coin is $13.20 (USD)   Priceless.  :D   DO NOT SEND MONEY UNTIL I CONTACT YOU!
  • Payments will be due upon receipt of the PayPal money request!

2.  Who can order this coin?

  • This coin is for participants of the FISD Memes thread only. We will be checking for proof of thread posts.
  • If you are a forum memer but have not posted on the FISD Meme thread, you can qualify for this coin by posting prior to submitting an order.

3.  How many can I order? 

  • There is a limit of 1 coin per memer.
  • If you completed the interest form, you should have already received an email to verify your purchase intent and shipping address.
  • We are allowing group orders, but still need to know the memes posted of each purchaser. These are being monitored.

4.  How much will shipping be?      

  • Shipping to the lower 48 US is roughly $5.00.
  • Unfortunately for our International friends the quotes range very widely.
  • Shipping will be billed separately for this run as we need to pay for the coins before 04 MAY 2023

5.  What is the time frame for ordering? 

  • Run will close on 02 MAY 2023 or when the supply of coins is exhausted.

6.  How long will it take to get my coin(s)?

  • Production/shipping time from the manufacturer is 4-6 weeks.  Add 1-3 weeks for individual packaging/shipping/arrival to your destination. so you are looking at 6-9 weeks after the run closes.  ALL UPDATES WILL BE POSTED BELOW!


                                                ORDERING INFO. - PLEASE READ COMPLETELY!


1.  If you filled out the interest form, you have already been contacted via email to verify your shipping address and confirm your shipping cost (shipping will be paid for at a later date).

2.  Once those that completed the interest form have all responded, a link for the run will be posted, and those wishing to buy what is remaining will be able to submit their request via the linked google form.

3. All orders will be emailed a PayPal money request for the coin cost. You will either click on the link provided in the email, or go to PayPal and send the total due via PayPal using the "Send to a Friend" option to me, memelover421 at gmail DOT com

***Funds sent via "Pay for Goods/Services" will be refunded. If you do not have the Friends and Family options contact me and we'll make it work***

4.  If you don't get a PayPal money request email link from me and you have to send funds to me via my email, Please include your name, a link to at least one meme thread post, and FISD screen name in the "Notes" section when remitting the payment.


5.  If doing a group order, please make sure I have the contact info for where the order is going, as well as all the memers (including post links) in the group order.

6.  Shipping will be billed at a later date, more than likely late April. I will provide tracking numbers via the email you provide me once shipping labels have been printed, with all shipping at the purchasers risk.


( smol edit by @revlimiter on 4/2/23 :smiley-sw013: )


 @revlimiter @Morgi

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AWESOME! :duim:


I'm lazy - what does the Aurabesh say?




(But dang, I actually want some of these now.... it doesn't say 501st or FISD on it, soooooo.... challenge coins are a delightfully silly tradition in and of themselves and this is super fun!)

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Per the date of posting, I though this was an April Fool's thing, lol.  Turns out I was (more than happily) mistaken.  AWESOME graphics, and now that I have one it is now my new challenge coin.  THANKS! :jc_doublethumbup:


ocqH9XX.jpg  0bywJXt.jpg

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Hidden then later unhidden by MV after official reveal.
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  • revlimiter changed the title to TK MEMES Coins - Actually Real

Perhaps you noticed Joseph's coin looks a little... different?





A very limited number of GOLD Command Staff MEME Coins exist. Most are currently traveling around the globe in search of their owners.

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