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E-11 Power Cylinders Research Thread (renamed from "3 Central Fuses...")


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A million apologies guys – it’s been so long since I was on FISD that Paul Troopermaster drove to my house last night to make sure I was ok!   


Thanks very much for making that effort Paul, and thanks to all the guys who’ve emailed/PMed well-wishing messages.  I feel I should explain a bit about why I’ve been so hard to get hold of.


I have a long-term health condition which has been worse this year and has been really bad the last few months.  It isn’t life-threatening but it impacts heavily on my life and what I’m able to do.  I usually manage it quite well but this year’s been much tougher and eventually I became totally exhausted.  I had to just stop everything, not just FISD :(


I feel really bad how long some people are waiting for things they asked me to make (and in some cases I’ve not even managed to reply to messages :blush: ).  All I can do is apologise and assure you that it’s not intentional & I’ll remedy it as soon as I can.


I promise I haven’t forgotten about any of you.  I do still hope to make all the blaster parts that are on the waiting lists and start making the E11 stands (although that’s clearly going to be a 2016 project now…)  In fact, I’ve got 2 sets of Power Cylinders that got nearly finished and I’m going to try to finish them before Christmas… 


If you’ve contacted me about anything and I didn’t reply, please accept my apologies and try again.  (I have 6 email accounts with a billion unanswered emails – I’ll try to work through them but a fresh email is more likely to get noticed & replied to.)


Cheers, Andy

Good to have you back Andy and hope your illness is relatively under control, Long term heath condition are a terrible affliction and your life can change dramatically, I know from experience having being diagnosed with a bowel disease several years ago, I was sick for most of this year and only now have things under control with medication and diet etc.

The force is strong with you and also we all have The force Awakens to look forward too soon!

Take it easy pal.


Chris  :duim:

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Glad to see your ok and yes you must look after number 1 first.

FISD is here for you when your ready.



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Glad to hear an update Andy. I'm sorry to hear your health has been hijacking your life. That's never fun. Hopefully your health starts to improve in 2016. :)<br><br>

I'm still on your list for a kit this winter, but I'm in no rush. Take care of yourself first. We will always be here.

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This isn't a lead or anything, but I was upgrading/doing maintenance on this early 70s receiver and it reminded me of this. Just thought it would be fun to share since I don't see things in a line like that very often. Not the same obv, but I was excited when I saw in nonetheless.


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