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  1. jkno

    Denix MG34

    Thanks. There is a friend of mine who might make both the disc and the box, as he has a metal shop.
  2. jkno

    Denix MG34

    Thanks for the kind words
  3. jkno

    Denix MG34

    The display for the Denix DLT-19 Stormtrooper rifle is ready. Considering the full metal MG34 from Denix has about 8 kg, the support had to be very solid to hold this heavy piece. I'll still upgrade the DLT-19 with various parts and greeblies in the future, but glad the display is finished:
  4. jkno

    Denix MG34

    Thanks, now to find the other greeblies and to make a display stand for it
  5. jkno

    Denix MG34

    T-tracks added, the stock has been darkened a bit: Now just to find someone in EU with a metal shop to make the box and the disc
  6. jkno

    Denix MG34

    He should have at least posted some pics. I have a similar E-11, and European demilling genrally means fewer cut parts and also more mobile parts than US. Anyway, this topic is about the Denix MG34. And for people who cannot use real weapons as base for their Star Wats blasters, this Denix replica is fantastic.
  7. jkno

    Denix MG34

    T-tracks have been cut and tapered at the ends. Need to make V notches for the wire. The glue them with E-6000 as this glue is elastic and will not affect the paint of the MG34 if I ever want to turn it back as WW2 weapon replica (highly unlikely though).
  8. jkno

    Denix MG34

    Denix MG34 also known as the base for the Stormtrooper/Sandtrooper DLT-19 rifle (and a couple others) arrived. One solid metal piece of 120 cm and 8 kg. A big heavy monster, which is pretty accurate, even barebones as this, but I still intend to add a couple greeblies to make is more starwarsy.
  9. jkno

    Denix MG34

    Thanks, not sure if I have access to aluminum, but if not too much trouble, you can post the details here, for members who have access to make their own.
  10. jkno

    Denix MG34

    I just received a message from Denix, with an image showing possible items to be made by them in the future. And there is ... a Sterling (and a few other interesting things ;)). It is a C1 Sterling though, so I wrote them a long message explaining the differences between Mk4 L2A3 and C1, both from military point of view, as well as Star Wars point of view, and I attached a few representative images for them to understand better. And in the end I told them they should make both the Mk and C1, because Star Wars fans as well as military and gun replica collectors and enthusiasts will buy both versions.
  11. jkno

    Denix MG34

    Thank you. It will most likely arrive later this month, or early February. In Japan, maybe you will find a local distributor for it, would help a lot with customs and everything else. I asked the local distributor if they bring this to my country and they agreed for a pre-order, so I was in, and the good thing is the price is even lower than the MSRP on Denix site.
  12. Denix has released the MG34, and this is an excellent news for the Star Wars fans too as it is the base for the Sandtrooper/Sandtrooper DLT-19 rifle. https://www.denix.es/en/catalogue/world-war-i-ii-1914-1945/submachine-gun/1317/ I have one on pre-order and was thinking about the few greeblies needed to make the MG 34 a good DLT-19. First we have the t-tracks which can be bought from wannawanga. But we also need the disc and belt feeder box, does anyone make them:
  13. The Pugman type ESB Stunt blaster was used in ROTJ on some Endor and Death Star scenes. Click on the image I posted, it will take you to the larger photo with much better details.
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