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  1. The Pugman type ESB Stunt blaster was used in ROTJ on some Endor and Death Star scenes. Click on the image I posted, it will take you to the larger photo with much better details.
  2. I have a few more images of screen used E-11 from the 2018 trip I took with a friend to a screen used prop collector, but I'm not allowed to post them (yet), maybe in the future.
  3. I have too many ANH E-11 images to be able to upload them one by one, so I'll use thumbnails instead. Click on the small thumbnail images below to see larger photos
  4. I used to have a paid account on Photobucket where I kept a ton of archived photos about various props, helmets, models etc. Photobucket canceled our subscriptions and asked for more money, and as we all know old photos are gone or show up with that annoying watermark. I'll look into my home archives and post some more pics in these threads here ESB Stunt resin E-11 aka Pugman present on ROTJ:
  5. I received mine in 31 July, here it is together with the other 2 great books by Brian:
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