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Found 8 results

  1. Edited 18th August 2013: This project thread is now 33 pages long so here are some quick links to the end results... A 39 page downloadable pdf containing most of the project research and conclusions: A 21 page downloadable pdf of my finished E11 Replicas (with five different Power Cylinders variations): (Full acknowledgements of everyone who has contributed to the project are on the final "Credits, Thanks & Links" pages of both pdfs.) Sales thread for screen-accurate & authentically made metal Power Cylinders Sales thread for screen-accurate resin Power Cylinders Cheers, Andy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ive posted this on the RPF but, having just read the awesome "The Best Sterling Templates EVER!" thread I thought it was worth posting here too: Every set of repro blaster cylinders I've seen has 2 central "fuses" but I think maybe there were actually 3 on the screen-used E11s. This photo of a 6-rack of the E11-used "mystery valves" on a mouse droid clearly shows 3 central fuses. I doubt the Bapty dressers would have taken the time to remove the 3rd one & I can't think of a reason why they would need to. I imagine someone has suggested this idea before & it has been disproved with material evidence but, to my knowledge, there isn't a clear enough photo of the original blasters to be sure. Has anyone any thoughts before I start making cylinder units with 3 fuses for my Sterling build and scratch builds? Thanks, Andy
  2. And so it begins. I got my "Big Brown Box" today! Of course I played the obligatory Imperial March while opening. I have been getting so much good information from these forums, I can't wait to get started!
  3. It seems like this has been a long time coming. I started down this road 10 years ago. I initially started pricing armor and picking up some of the items I would need back in 2002. I ended up changing directions and decided to build a Boba Fett for my first build. After getting all of the parts over several years, I ended up having to sell it off a few months ago when I lost my job. I decided to finish what I started and build a stormtrooper. After doing some research here, I decided on RT-Mod. A big thanks to all of the build threads that came before me. I have seen some great builds. If this starts out a little familiar, you can thank Darth Aloha for that. I am 'borrowing' some of the elements of his thread. While waiting on the armor (Rob is going to work on it when he returns from vacation) I have worked on compiling the remaining items I needed. 1) 1" White and 1" Black Elastic - Amazon 2) 1" Heavy Duty Nylon Webbing - Amazon 3) Flexible ANH white rubber hand guards with rubber chemical gloves - Sonnenschein 4) Rubber 'S' Neck Trim - Trooperbay 5) Aluminum 1" TD Belt Clips - TK 4702 6) E-ll 'D'-Ring - Trooperbay 7) Chin Strap - Trooperbay 8) Stanley Rivet Gun - Amazon 9) Craftsman Handi-Cut - eBay - for making quick work of the webbing. 10) Bostitch Twin-Blade Utility Knife - Lowes 11) Hangar-9 Hobby Iron - Amazon 12) Split-Rivet Setting Pliers - Mac's Antique Auto Parts 13) Split Rivets - eBay 14) Chicago Screws - Amazon 15) Tandy Snaps and setting tools - Darth Aloha/eBay 16) Lexan Scissors - eBay 17) Industrial Velcro - Trooperbay 18) Aker Voice Amp - TK6294 19) Rare-Earth Magnets - Lee Valley 20) Canvas TK Belt - Trooperbay 21) Trooper Helmet Masking Templates - Trooperbay 22) Leather ANH Stunt Holster - Trooperbay 23) Imperial Fan Kits - Tk-4261 24) TK Ab Buttons - VaderDave 25) Imperian Communication System (iComm) - TK6294 26) Stanley 50 Gallon Tool Chest - Home Depot 27) Hyperfirm ANH E-11 - SciFire - The Counter has fallen off. I need to glue it back on. What's a good option for the hyperfirm? 28) Stormtrooper Boots - TKBoots 29) Nomex Flight Gloves - Smitty I've picked up a couple tubes of E-6000. I have a neckseal coming from LadySewForUs. I also have some Mic Tips on order. I will be replacing the TD also. I'm still not sure how I'm going to do the thighs. No one is currently selling garters. What options are there? Any suggestions or constructive criticisms are welcome...
  4. Hello everyone- Firstly, a huge thanks to all FISD members for all your support & talent in order to make this happen... thank you Secondly, very happy & proud to present my AP armor. Built by AP (ready-to-wear), which I provided exact body measurements and fits very well. Work-in-progress, I've done some modifications such as thigh garter-system & sewed Pandatroopers hand plate mod / shoulder strapping-system was designed by AP-builder. Posting some pictures w/ AP hand plates-Nomex gloves since I still need to glue latex hand plates (Trooperbay) to rubber gloves. I look forward to your feedback for continuous improvements. Thanking you in advance ! Name: Andrew FISD: Cardiac 501st: Dune Sea / Jundland Wastes squad Height: 5.9†Weight: 185lbs Armor & Lid: (ready-to-wear) AP builder Canvas belt / holster / shoulder harness: AP builder Boots: TKboots Gloves: Rubber / Nomex Hand guards: latex from Trooperbay / AP Supplies & Accessories: Trooperbay Hockey garter mod: TK3867 Blaster: Lewis ANH-HyperFirm Neck seal: TK409 Squirrel fan: TK4261 Aker-1505/iComm: TK6294 For some reason photobucket won't let me add more links. Upload more armor / mod pics in the next several days.
  5. Guess what showed up at my office this Morning!? Packed well enough Certificate and badge Ear on the left seems a bit soft to me. Not too impressed with the mic tips Hardware included This is where the fun begins!
  6. Using the ATA armor is it easier to do ANH STUNT or ANH HERO. I was planning on doing ANH HERO primarly due to the wider selection of 501st approved weapons. Though if it is easier to do the stunt ill just go with that and wait a long time till i can get the E11 blaster. Thanks for any comments ahead of time.
  7. Heyo! After a week of working in the field I come home to find THIS!!! My ATA lids finally arrived, yeehaw! Hopefully, just maybe... I can get one completed for this Sunday's "AIDS Awareness Walk" here in Calgary. I'm not gonna rush it though as worst case scenario I rock the AM lid, What a scaling difference. These ATA's will suit my *ahem* slender frame a lot better. Maybe I'll make the second a MNS, Off to bed for me for tonight though... Was up 7pm-7am for my tour and drove 600 miles today to get home. I'm beat! I will post some pics of initial progress tomorrow night. Cheers!
  8. Hey all! I'm still pretty new to the community as of yet, but I doubt there's any turning back now, As of yesterday morning my suit of AM cleared Canadian customs on it's way north. I thought I would start my build thread a bit early so that I can get some insights and also get to know some of you folks on here. I've been poring over this site for years now and would probably have 3 or 4 suits already if not for that lovely recession we just had. Back to work for me now though so I finally took the plunge and ordered my AM! My white boots have been staring at me for over 2 years now... I'm so happy to have finally begun this epic task! I really wanted this set to be a dirty set, TD, but I thought I should just keep it simple for my first build and become familiar with what needs to be done to achieve a great looking suit. It's definitely going to be a work in progress for a while as I delve deeper into true screen accuracy (or as close as I can get to an ANH suit), but from all of the threads I've read on here it seems I'll have no problem finding the advice, tools, parts and gear I need. So far I have a pair of remarkably correct boots that actually fit me very well and are also comfortable to wear! I also have found a suitable Underarmor long sleeve shirt for a top, but am still hunting for a bottom. I need to hit some sports stores and get that. Things still on my list: ANH neckseal Mic Tips Proper ANH white rubber handguards E-11 Resin Replica (Maybe Doopydoo?) ANH Holster White Belt Black Rubber Gloves Drop Boxes if the kit doesn't have them I have an Aker MR1506 talkbox for some trooper chatter and for my voice. I couldn't find a good trooper chatter mp3 that I liked so I created my own that I can loop. I'm still figuring out what will work best for me with an MP3 of looped chatter and a PTT for my own voice. It'll be mounted inside my chest plate and my mic will be hard mounted inside the lid with a wired connection. I'll be finishing the inside of the helmet as per ANH with foam. Probably the biggest problem I'm having right now is finding E6000... lol! I've searched high and low and no one locally stocks it. I may have to resort to an online source to get some... I'm also still on the fence about painting or not... I really should. I like the "worn for a while" look that newspaper rubbing gives the armor. I don't think I want to get as screen accurate as "dirty legs", but I do not want it to look like an "off-the-rack" costume shop costume. If I do paint then I'd better get on top of what paints and how to prime/paint/finish it off. I'll want to troop in it a fair bit so I want to get it as realistic but durable as I can. I may even go above and beyond screen correct to make it look and feel like you'd imagine a REAL stormie set up close. I want wow factor when I randomly pop into the local comic shop to read a Star Trek mag while shaking my head... LOL! Anyway... Cross your fingers that my package arrives in the am. Otherwise it'll be next week sometime, I will update as much as I can as I go along and thank you in advance for any/all advice, help, pointers and patience! Kaptin Kaos aka Joe (I can hardly wait to apply for my TK ID...) Cheers!
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