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  1. Hi Andy, I keep checking in to see if you around. Noticed you were on in December. Drop me a message mate.





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    2. TK222


      Hi Andy, great to hear from you!! No worries about the message mate, I hope your keeping well. I understand what you mean about it being frustrating not being able to do things you want. I will have a read through the thread when I get home. Did you know there’s a guy from America selling very similar cylinder sets to what you created!!


      Hopefully you have my mobile number and email still, give me a shout anytime mate, even if you just wanted to chat - it’s a shame to loose contact.


      hope you have a great Christmas and new year mate. Take care.



    3. PlayfulWolfCub


      Hi Mark,


      FISD doesn't message me so I didn't know you'd been on & replied, sorry.  I do have your mobile still & will give you a bell sometime.  Crazy times we're having with this damn virus eh?  Hope you're keeping ok.  Cheers, Andy

    4. TK222


      Hi Andy, great to hear from you, hope your keeping well too in this crazy time. It’s frustrating that they do not forward an email or message to say someone has messaged you! 


      yes mate, give me a call when you have time to catch up - it would be great to hear from you.


      take care


      Mark.... TK222

  2. That was a search not an update :S

  3. Hi Chris, Sorry, I've been AWOL for quite a while. My FISD Inbox is full so but you can email me at PlayfulWolfCub@gmail.com If you've already messaged me in the last few months you can expect a reply this week. Cheers, Andy
  4. I think everyone loved the resin Power Cylinders I actually sent out. The problem was that I throw lots away because they weren't good enough. Plus I had to do more work on the ones I assembled for people than the price justified. I need the "budget kit" to be consistent quality and not require me to do much work on it - otherwise it stops being "budget". I hadn't thought of people using resin Cylinders on metal builds but that would be a cool benefit
  5. lol I just posted this update in the resin sales thread: I'm actually not sure I'll offer fully resin Power Cylinders again - I found it very hard to keep the quality of detail as high as I want & they were very fragile. However, I'm now considering a hybrid kit: using a metal base-plate (like I use for my full metal Cylinders) with resin/plastic/metal add-ons The advantages of a hybrid would be that it'd be: 1) Stronger 2) More authentic 3) The quality would be more reliable 4) I'd be able able to offer all 5 shapes I'm quite excited about the idea! Cheers, Andy
  6. Thanks for all the kind words, guys - It means a lot (I hadn't realised it'd been 2 months since I'd even signed into FISD! ) I've just posted a bunch of updates in sales threads if anyone's waiting on orders & I'm aiming to reply to all personal messages this week. Cheers, Andy
  7. It's impossible to buy original power cells but I make extremely accurate replicas. I believe most FISD members would say they're "worthy" I haven't made many since last Summer but I'm starting up again now. There are lots of photos of finished replicas & links to my research project in this thread Cheers, Andy
  8. A million apologies guys – it’s been so long since I was on FISD that Paul Troopermaster drove to my house last night to make sure I was ok! Thanks very much for making that effort Paul, and thanks to all the guys who’ve emailed/PMed well-wishing messages. I feel I should explain a bit about why I’ve been so hard to get hold of. I have a long-term health condition which has been worse this year and has been really bad the last few months. It isn’t life-threatening but it impacts heavily on my life and what I’m able to do. I usually manage it quite well but this year’s been much tougher and eventually I became totally exhausted. I had to just stop everything, not just FISD I feel really bad how long some people are waiting for things they asked me to make (and in some cases I’ve not even managed to reply to messages ). All I can do is apologise and assure you that it’s not intentional & I’ll remedy it as soon as I can. I promise I haven’t forgotten about any of you. I do still hope to make all the blaster parts that are on the waiting lists and start making the E11 stands (although that’s clearly going to be a 2016 project now…) In fact, I’ve got 2 sets of Power Cylinders that got nearly finished and I’m going to try to finish them before Christmas… If you’ve contacted me about anything and I didn’t reply, please accept my apologies and try again. (I have 6 email accounts with a billion unanswered emails – I’ll try to work through them but a fresh email is more likely to get noticed & replied to.) Cheers, Andy
  9. These are photos of Lee's blaster. It's not the same one. The listing has ended now as "unavailable" http://s1125.photobucket.com/user/PlayfulWolfCub/library/E11%20photos/Lee%20Malones%20Tunisian-Bapty%20E11
  10. I'm going to stick my neck out & suggest that someone's trying to make a LOT of money with a replica. It's a good effort but there's something about it that doesn't feel right to me. However, I haven't seen every Tunisian/Bapty ever made so I'm happy to change my mind if the the owner is genuine & would like to come on FISD to tell us the history & provenance of the blaster
  11. Wow! They're lovely shots Dennis! If you were unscrupulous you could convincingly sell that on Ebay as screen-used! PM sent also
  12. Awesome job Christian & I'm glad you weren't tempted to paint the underside of the Power Cylinders
  13. Really enjoying watching you put the Cylinders together Christian I think your Sterling looks great as it is - some really interesting textures. Maybe leave it unpainted until you have everything assembled, take some good photos of it & then decide if you want to paint it? Cheers, Andy
  14. This is really fun, watching my first kit being built by someone else I know you've already got my kit assembly guide, Christian, but please do ask anything you're not sure of. Cheers, Andy
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