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  1. Looks like someone is aiming for the higher approval levels. Belt could be a tad higher (top should almost touch the bottom button on the ab panel) and you may want to rotate your shoulders so the front (vs. back or ideally both) has less black showing between the chest and bells. But really, I see nothing holding you up for basic approval, good luck and see you at Centurion.
  2. Welcome, lots of us patiently waiting for Anovos kits (me included!), looking forward to your build.
  3. Probably will need to reinforce the inside and fill the seam at a minimum.
  4. Good point, I'll email them and let you all know what they say.
  5. I did notice they renamed these kits and they are now make no mention of TFA or TLJ. Looks like a mostly TLJ suit from those photos. I'm curious to see if they ship us TFA helmets or TLJ helmets, given that the original pre-order was for a TFA version if they send everyone TLJ helmets that would bother me. Especially if they send out some weird mishmash that needs a ton of work for Centurion.
  6. This contest is now closed, thank you everyone who entered! Lots of great designs, the command staff will convene and pick a winner shortly.
  7. It’s almost as if these are costumes from a low-budget 70’s movie!
  8. If you swapped the 501st and FISD text around and changed the date to arabic numerals instead of roman I'd say you'd be on the right track. You could also pull the troopers inside the ring and then it'd be round-ish.
  9. My helmet has two fans which I can turn off independently, and I still use one fan on colder troops just for airflow. The only time I haven't is when I had an outdoor troop and it was quite windy.
  10. I spray-painted the inside of mine with flexseal and replaced the hard hat liner with tactical padding and fans:
  11. Hopefully I'll get to see a KB in person, other than soft details that seems to be the best option out there right now. Thanks.
  12. I don’t see anything that should hold you up for basic, I would raise up those forearms (a simple strapping adjustment) to even out the gaps between you bicep/forearm/handplates. If you plan on going for EI/Centurion I’d highly suggest: - a new belt (vs. patched) - no dropbox gap (top should be flush with belt bottom) - thigh TLC, coverstrips are quite wide and off-center in the back
  13. Impressive. Did you start with 3d prints or is that all by hand?
  14. I didn't mind the R1 updates, adding detail and making them more stunt-proof etc., but it drives me bonkers they used the same armor in Solo when it takes place like a decade earlier, I'd have expected a Clone/TK hybrid.
  15. Vocoder looks very good to me. Paging @CableGuy as he is the tube stripe police, he’ll make sure you are on the right track.
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