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  1. Thanks so much for getting back to me! I really do appreciate it. I'm certainly gonna do everything I can to make this kit hard, and based off that thread you attached with the 6' MTK, it doesn't seem like it should be an issue. If it is however, I've heard that RWA offers long shins and thighs. Only problem there is matching the plastic colors. We shall see. Ill be documenting all of this in a build thread.
  2. Anyone have any insight on whether MTK is good for taller troopers? Im 6'2", ordered the kit, but am now worried about it fitting!
  3. Hi! Im 6'2" and just purchased an MTK kit from Trooper Bay! Anyone have any insight on its fitment for taller troopers?
  4. Hi all! I just purchased a set of MTK armor from Trooper Bay for this years run of the armor, and I wanted some input from anyone who may have experience with this armor. Specifically, I'm wondering about its size compared to other armor makers. I'm a taller guy, 6'2", which is a bit too tall for a stormtrooper. I have a set of Anovos armor, which fits wonderfully, but my Walt's Trooper Factory kit on the other hand is a tad too small in virtually every department (even with leaving as much plastic as possible before making cuts). I wanted to get my hands on this armor, as runs don't happen very often, and the price was very attractive. Worst comes to worst, I have to sell it, but I'm looking to get approved at centurion level! Any help and or insight on this would be greatly appreciated! Cheers! BlueBanthaProps
  5. Yeah, I find it likely that Denuo Novo will offer them again, they seemed to be good sellers
  6. The boot soles are tan, not black, and the forearm armor is painted with red wheras the battlefront bersion isnt
  7. Hey everyone, I was wondering if there is a CRL in the works for the Hot Toys Shocktrooper? Its different from the Battlefront version in weathering, using ANH armor as opposed to ROTJ, the frown is different colors, and the backpack accessory seems to be different. Who would I reach out to in attempting to get this done?
  8. Hey everyone, hope you all are well. Im looking to build another TK, and while I was going to go with WTF, I would really like a kit of Anovos armor. As they are out of business, it is increasingly hard to find. Might you have any idea of where to find some, or anyone willing to part with a kit? Hope this is ok to post
  9. Hello, I was wondering if antone knows of makers who have armor pieces that best color match Anovos armor? Ive found that Anovos has more of a bone color to their pieces where other makers have a bright white. Im gonna need a chest replacement and shoulder strap replaceement
  10. Hey everone, I was wondering where I could be able to get a hold of the white rubber gasket to wrap around the edges of my TK armor, as I plan on making a shock trooper. Sorry if this is the wrong place!
  11. Also, on the for sale/looking page it says you cannot be looking for full kits, which is odd
  12. Id like to build a kit, not buy a completed one. I already have all the necessary tools, undersuit, blaster, and stuff like that. All i need is the plastic kit. Not a member yet, as I havent had my TK approved, waiting on boots. Ill check the for sale/trade page as well
  13. Hey guys, when it comes to adding ABS Sludge and then sanding, how do I restore the sanded area back to the glossy state of the rest of the armor?
  14. Hey there guys, as I start to put the final touches on my Anovos TK, im bugging to put together a new set of armor, deciding between a Shadow trooper or an Incinerator trooper. Ive been told time and time again that the words cheap and high quality dont go hand in hand, which I am aware of, but seeing as im off to college this month, I have to keep financials in mind. I got my Anovos TK for $400, which in retrospect was an absolute bargain. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of some more "affordable" kits. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! Blue Bantha
  15. Hey guys, Im currently working on a ANH TK Stunt, and I made a modification to my armor that im currently second guessing. In the photo below you can see that I cut a notch at the back bottom of my thigh armor, I have the same notch cut out on the top back of my shin armor. I believe I saw a few troopers in the past with a similar modification, but now im seconjd guessing my decision. This is an Anovos kit, and if this is a problem, does anyone know of replacement parts that most closely match the white of Anovos armor?
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