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  1. Question on the belt/holster measurements. I was looking at the below guide. I copied it again with measurements in blue to make it easier for me to read. My question is though 1) is the space from the top of the holster to the bottom of the belt is 2.5cm? Or 2) that the space from the top of the holster to the hole in the belt is 2.5cm? My belt came with a hole prepunched by AP, it is 2.5cm above the top of the holster- would either mean 1) I need a new hole 1cm above that one, or 2) its in the correct location.
  2. Thanks for all the quick replies. I need to get rivets and/or the screws so I'll be checking those out for sure. Follow up question (and pardon me in advance, I don't know the proper names for these snap types so I grabbed pics) Do the snaps that connect the belt to the ab plate need to be specifically this type: Or can they be this type? These I have on hand- I'd need to buy the other type.
  3. Thank you, I will definitely check out the vid later today. I absolutely hate dealing with rivets,- I'd never heard of chicago screws before, thanks!
  4. Next round of belt questions! I've measured out and marked center on the canvas, as well as the two rivet holes on the ammo belt. Looking around at some other builds here, looks like they all have a third rivet in the center. Is that required for keeping the ammo belt fully supported? As I've mentioned before my set came pre trimmed from AP, but like the belt angles I've have to make some adjustments. Are the 2 holes an AP thing or do I need to drill a third? Second, how do you measure/mark where the snaps on the ab plate need to go? I was looking at the build here, but not sure if those were eyeballed or how they were marked before drilling. Lastly, to make sure I understand it correctly- I'd use 2 (or 3?) rivets to attach the ammo belt to the canvas, then 2 snaps to attach the right and left of the canvas to the front of the ab plate, right? Obviously I need to attach the ammo pouches and holster as well, just trying to figure out the base construction here.
  5. Awesome, thanks for the quick replies everyone! Luckily I haven't attached the abs to the canvas yet, was just lining it up visually and realized it looked off. Ill re trim the corners so they meet higher level approval. No reason to do it as is now and come back to redo it later. Thanks!
  6. Worked on sizing/strapping today while I think about what how to proceed with finishing the legs. Also started planning for the belt. Quick question (see second pic below) The ABS for the belt came pre trimmed. Am I right that the corners cut on it are incorrect as they dont line up with the belt? Or is there some wiggle room in that measurement?
  7. Thank you! It definitely was a struggle to figure out at first. I still havent decided on a way to lock the back of the calves yet. I think I will need to cut it to slim near the ankle to fit over the boot more cleanly.
  8. Working a bit more on sizing of the thigh. A few thoughts: You can see it sits a bit askew when pulled all the way up- do I trim some out of the groin/inner thigh area to fix that? Related, Is the thigh plate too long? It feels a bit too long when on my body, but visually I can't really decide. The thigh and shin almost touch at the knee. Last though- now put together with the thigh, is the shin still too long?
  9. Been super busy the last few months, but finally working on the kit again. Looking at trimming the thigh piece now. I had to take 1in off the shins, I'm thinking I need to do about the same with the thigh piece as well. Pics below- pulled up as high as I can on my thigh the bottom still sits very close my knee-- too close I think. In the second pic where I have my leg bent, that is the extent of how far I can bend, and that is without having a shin plate on. Obv the fit isnt 100% since Im wearing shorts and not the undersuit, just trying to get an idea of if I need to trim it. I do, right?
  10. Definitely will! The one spot you can clearly see that will rub on the boot originally lined up better, but it was on the calve that split originally. When I reglued it, it shifted a bit that I didn't notice before it was dry.
  11. Finished with the resizing and front cover strips on the calves. This was a hard step. As I mentioned earlier I had to cut an inch off the bottom, then trim a bit on the rear seam to have it sit more flush. Originally when I did the shin cover strips, I just did a single, external strip just like my arms. When I went to try it on, the shin seam immediately split. I have relatively muscular/wide calves, so I need to pull the back open a large amount to fit it. I added an internal cover strip, and all seems well now. Ive taken then both on and off a number of times. I still need to get more snaps to work on connecting the torso pieces, so I guess next up I will work on the thighs. I am positive they will need resized as well.
  12. Thank you! Next question while I wait for glue to dry- What is a good build guide to check out for steps to make the belt? I've been looking around for a bit, but I haven't found one yet that really has all the steps of measuring, mounting the abs to the cloth, the snaps for the cloth to the ab plate, etc. I've seen a few pieces on a few different guides, but am hoping to find a more step by step process all in one place. I feel like I have a pretty good handle on what I need to do for the rest of the armor, but the belt still eludes me.
  13. Finally got hold of some glue that seems to have bonded to both the glove and the silicone hand guard. (Thanks to Mayo's build thread!) Question- do the guards need painted or do they remain as is?
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