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  1. Thank you! I knew I had seen one at some point but couldn't find it any more. I will definitely check all these out.
  2. Waiting on a few things I forgot to buy- (paint, doh!) to arrive. In the mean time, I got around to getting my magnets ready. Next step will be sizing the arms and legs of the armor- I'm a shorter guy and I will definitely need to cut down the calves, thighs, and forearms. Maybe the bicep as well. On the plus side, the chest, back, kidney, etc all seem fine for my torso.
  3. Thanks for the advice and reference pics! Some more progress on the helmet. I counter sunk the ear screws so they sit flatter. My kit also came with decals which I've applied. I think Ill take a heat gun lightly to the grey and black decals to work out the slight bubbles and imperfections from them sitting on a curved surface. Not 100% sure on the lens either. Its green, but you're still able to see my eyes behind it. Should I go for a darker green lens? Lastly, thought I had ordered the paints I needed for the build, but apparently I didn't click check out. So now waiting
  4. ok, question number one! Ears! When I lined up my pretrimmed ears, they didn't sit completely flush (which seemed pretty common here). I trimmed a bit where contact with the helmet curves occurred so it could sit better. Right Side Front - I may need to trim a bit more to pull this one in a little closer? Right Side Rear - This one is my problem child. The gap at the top of the ear piece and over the tube of the helmet- how do I pull it in to make it more flush? Parts came pretrimmed but it almost looks like it needs more material there? Left
  5. A certain package arrived on my doorstep today... Looks like its time to get building!
  6. Thanks. Luckily I saw that warning several places on this forum before I ordered. I have one pair a vaguely similar leather boots that I wear normally. Those I had to buy one size up to be comfortable. They have the EU size on them, so I was able to order the same from Imperial Boots. Here's to hoping they fit well too!
  7. Clamps I have a ton of already, so hopefully I am good there. A have a dremel somewhere in the garage. Sounds like its time to dig it out and see if I have a sanding drum attachment. Definitely feel like I am going to be asking a ton of questions as I start. Intimidated and excited by the first build.
  8. Went back to my order to confirm, yes it does. Thanks for checking- with none of it having arrived yet its hard to confirm that I've gotten everything I need!
  9. Thanks, just ordered the boots when the opened up this month!
  10. First question- are the undersuit parts I linked above alright? They have some seams on them, but don't appear too visible in the amazon pics I could see. Does the undersuit need to be completely smooth (should I cancel the order?)
  11. First time build here! I will be updating this thread with pics and I'm sure plenty of questions as I progress! Ordered Armor AP Stunt, Pretrimmed Gloves AP Stunt Belt AP Stunt Thermal AP Stunt Neck Seal Darman Undersuit Shirt Amazon Undersuit Pants Amazon Balaclava Amazon Boots Imperial Boots Magnets for assembly TotalElement E-6000 x2 Lexan Scissors Debating Blaster voice mod Still need to source
  12. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Definitely going to take some time to get my bearings and figure out what direction I want to go.
  13. Hello everyone! I've long been wanting to join the 501st and soldier for the Empire. Finally decided now is the time to start putting my armor together! Looking forward to learning a ton and meeting everyone!
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