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  1. This certainly could be A problem... If i were you, ill buy 10 or 10.5 from imperial boots, check also the boots from corsair kids
  2. Has anyone done a comparison between the imperial and the corsais kids boots in regard of comfort?? http://corsairs-kids.com/es/accesorios-storm-soldier/244-boots-storm-ck-blanca-.html https://www.imperialboots.com/product/trooper/
  3. Great, i was also looking at the tkboots, and apparently are more comfortable than the imperial. Is tkboots still on bussiness?
  4. Are those sold in that site good for level 3 approval?
  5. Hey guys i loved the stormtrooper shown in the mandalorian series, all weathered and with that underground scum attitude, now some questions about it Are those rotj costumes? Is there a crl of those? Does anyone have a planned to build one?
  6. Great, thanks for the link to the site, it helps, it is recommended buy the plus version or the regular enough? Or better?
  7. Very nice thread. Anyone here knows how to effectively tell the difference between the real and counterfeit E6000? I buy from amazon.es
  8. Thanks Joseph, I'll be getting my armor around the first week of February, for now i making a list of everything else i have to buy to be able to put it together properly
  9. Hey guys, I'm posting this new thread because I was not able to find any thread with this info specifically, can you the more experienced where your knowledge about all the tools needed to build your armor? More or less the topics some of us would like to know about: - Types of tools - Materials - Best or recommended brands - Accessories for the tools - Where to find them
  10. Thanks bro, i tried the fx armor of a friend which is like 1.69 tall, and his armor does not look good on me (obviously), i always thought that the storm trooper weren't tall guys until now that im looking to get in to the 501st, byw i already contacted Paul, very nice guy, he has a 2019 Christmas discount for kits!
  11. This post is very helpful for choose what armor to buy
  12. Wow, after reading this i don't feel too tall at all, im 6.0 feet / 143 pounds, and looking to buy my TM armor because of my height, but, i haven't been able to reach Paul, is a hard guy to contact.
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