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  1. I bought the last kit before Halloween. Very nice. Loving the helmet.
  2. I just ordered this kit as well. I sold my last tk quite a few months ago and I decided I wanted to go about it again. I liked how this kit looks and after seeing your pics I am happy I went with it. Plus I couldn't beat the price.
  3. E11?? I haven't seen one yet here in Denver. I have my hyper firm which I love but really want a hasbro one as well
  4. Hey guys. I know the trooper that was selling that armor. He is very new to trooping (had his first one last weekend). I am sure he wasn't trying to directly deceive anyone.
  5. There is a girl in my garrison who is about 5'3 and about 100 pounds. She is using the armor tray Nichols sells. Beautiful set and a very fair price. Waiting on mine to come in simply because I liked hers so much.
  6. Superglue doesn't tend to flex. If your in the states using dap contact cement to bond latex plates to rubber gloves is a more secure way to go. You can get a small bottle of it at any home depot for 4.00. Apply some to the gloves and the plates. Wait a minute till is is sticky then just push the two pieces together. Bonded.
  7. I personally really liked mine. I just sold it with my old armor set since my new set comes with a new helmet. I added the ear screws, and changed the lenses as well as adding the fourth tooth. Really it was simple modifications and it is a nice looking helmet. But everyone has their own opinions.
  8. I just contacted him. I stated I would be filing a claim against him on eBay. There is so much more to this than the cheap quality. Because he also includes NOTHING to help you build this a builder would end up spending more money just to put it together. Mainly I am referring to the helmet. It is just the face, cap and ears. No lenses, no trim, no aerators. I mean if your gonna make a cheap set of armor you could at least help someone out to build your junky armor. As you can tell I am just irritated by this. I have been making batman pieces for years now. I sell on eBay because i
  9. eBay is the issue. You have to look on here.
  10. So I like many other people purchased that lovely set of armor from maker of things. I really didn't think at the time about how thin it was. I assume if he bothered to make if out of abs it would be stronger. So take this as a word of advice. Stay away... Period. It is just a really horrible set of armor. The helmet face and the ab section is cracked. It is not flexible and it flat out will not stand up to any sort of abuse. I have now purchased my third set of armor from tray and I am looking forward to receiving that. I will be taking some pictures of this crap armor though an
  11. I am currently using the fx armor with the efx helmet. Works pretty well for me but I will be upgrading. Believe me though on Saturday when I was walking the the st Patrick's day parade in Denver kids could care less what I was wearing which is the most important thing to me no matter what.
  12. Yeah I am over it now. Bugged me at first. I did swap out the lenses, removed the mouth mesh and added the proper ear screws. So far much happier. But will replace it soon I am sure. Well before celebration vi along with my armor.
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