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  1. Finally watched this. Sounds like it could have been better, I didn’t particularly love or hate TROS. Just meh.
  2. $2000 a suit is a healthy budget (so often new members want armor CHEAP), however as mentioned your timeline may be unrealistic. Unless you can find someone selling their suit(s), most vendors simply cannot get a suit made and sent to you in that short of a time. What country are you located in? If in the US, for example, WTF, ATA and others that are based in the USA may be able to get you something quickly.
  3. Ouch. Looks like he lost part of his blaster?
  4. Greetings troopers! I am pleased to announce that the updates to the TFA and ROTJ TK CRLs are now live! For more information: https://www.501st.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=91327&p=1334021#p1334021
  5. Sort of, their payment site can convert USD to pounds. I just bought a set of TB armor from them no problem. As long as you have a credit/debit card you should be fine.
  6. Not a bad idea. Maybe all the CRLs for fun, Phasma for instance is even more hours.
  7. Guess FOTB’s do exist.
  8. I am all for supporting the director’s vision, but that article made it sound like the movie was design by committee.
  9. Just my opinion. The armor changed in these films because of production reasons, not intentional timeline reasons. Not to mention that most people are not as concerned with continuity as we all are. Thor has a different costume in every movie but it’s “supposed” to be the same outfit.
  10. Wouldn't that be a great start to 2020?
  11. In-universe there is only the one TK armor, I think, so technically seeing R1 armor in Mandalorian/TRoS makes sense.
  12. Sadly in my experience as long as Anovos is cutting Disney licensing checks and supplying them with stock for the parks they likely don’t care.
  13. I can’t wait until my son is old enough to troop with me. Kids are great. Happy new year, all.
  14. You can always use a dab of E-6000 to make it fit, too... and it’s reversible later on.
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