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  1. CrookKnight

    Crystal patrol pack question

    It needs to be black. You typically have to dye it.
  2. CrookKnight


    Great detailed account of your build. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. CrookKnight

    DEVOLVER's HWT Pack Build

    Looking good. Are you going to be going for 501st HWT approval? If so, I would not veer too far from the approved packs and what is shown in the CRL. Just want to make sure you get approved when you submit. Other then that, it is looking great and keep posting.
  4. CrookKnight

    Hola desde España

    Welcome aboard.
  5. CrookKnight

    Crookknight's Episode VIII CAPTAIN CARDINAL Build

    I received the Blaster(s) and Rifle this week: F-11D w/ lights F-11D w/o lights SE-44C Here are some photos. No photos of second half of build yet, since I have not had time to work on my own stuff. Building too many packs and other peoples armor right now. haha. Since they are 3D printed, they will take some finishing work. Next thing is I have to decide if they are going to be red for Capt. Cardinal....or keep them white?
  6. CrookKnight


    Good luck on your build. Post plenty of pictures. Can't wait to see your progress.
  7. CrookKnight

    Hey! from the Carolina Garrison!

    Welcome aboard. Nice to see a fellow Garrison mate.
  8. CrookKnight

    Crookknight's Episode VIII CAPTAIN CARDINAL Build

    It is official. I am going to build Captain Cardinal and will just go with solid red boots. Next week, I will begin work on the KB Props armor and post all progress on here as I promised JSIN. Below is the only "Official" reference picture. I just thought this picture was cool. It is not an official reference picture (below pic) Once complete, I will be getting the armor painted by an Automobile painter/detailer with a clearcoat. This will make it very shiney and protect it.
  9. CrookKnight

    Crookknight's Episode VIII CAPTAIN CARDINAL Build

    I cannot wait to finally finish this build. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. CrookKnight

    Crookknight's Episode VIII CAPTAIN CARDINAL Build

    Well, since MIMIC took my money and ran, i went to KB Props and JSIN. They were AWESOME. Not only did they help all of us that were taken advantage of by MIMIC, they supplied the remaining armor at a very low cost and had it available immediately. Thank you KB Props. Below are the photos of the raw pieces from KB Props. I still have to trim, sand and paint these pieces, but they look awesome.
  11. CrookKnight

    HWT CRL Changes - Your input is requested

    Not sure. First I have heard that it will go to MEPD. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. CrookKnight

    TFA Captain Cardinal

    So is there a decision on the boots and blaster color? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. CrookKnight

    Crookknight's Episode VIII CAPTAIN CARDINAL Build

    Yes. He does almost all armor.
  14. CrookKnight

    Crookknight's Episode VIII CAPTAIN CARDINAL Build

    It appears MIMIC has disappeared with my money and never delivered the other half of the armor. That being the case, I have ordered the remaining armor from JSIN PROPS. He is a lifesaver and is helping all of us that have been taken advantage of. A vendor has the responsibility to communicate with their customers (no matter what is going on in their life). Also, I may do a Captain Cardinal build instead of a basic FOTK. I am still researching that (I do have a TFA Anovos helmet that i could use). Remaining armor should be here in the next couple of weeks. I cannot wait to get this thing going.
  15. CrookKnight

    TFA Captain Cardinal

    I just finished reading Phasma that has Cardinal in it. From what I gather the boots would be red. The blaster would be black. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk