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  1. First coat of primer is on. Now I see all the blemishes, time for some more sanding.
  2. I added a charging port at the end. Here is the charging port before I added to the blaster. I 3D printed a holder for the plug and also a backing for the spring. I then inserted a copper tube to run the wires through so I could still move the bolt and spring.
  3. Ready for paint then install the power cylinders. Lots of taping first.
  4. The magazine is done, I cracked the corner but it won't be seen in the well. I hollowed out the mag no make room for the battery. I made the mag cover from aluminum. I etched the lettering using a dremel with engraving bit.
  5. The scope and counter are now mounted to the rail. Time for wiring it all together.
  6. Exposed bolt I split the bolt so I could cycle it but also cover the electronics behind it. I was also removing a lot of resin material weakening it.
  7. I installed the handle and trigger, it took a lot longer than I thought. The alignment took some time, but happy with the result. Two screws secure the handle to the frame.
  8. Thanks, no I have had the kit for about a year. I keep checking Doopys because I want to get another but nothing yet. I have slowly been working on the kit and finally getting around to posting pictures. The stock is from War Machine Replicas, it is a great one off and fully functional.
  9. Thanks! I thought it would add some realism. Not too much is left of the doopys here.
  10. My counter is finished. The top half is a genuine Hengstler counter. I set the numbers to my ID. The lower half and plug are 3D printed parts I made. The finishing parts are from T-Jay's kit.
  11. bolt plate before splitting Thanks Dracotrooper! The exposed bolt is fixed, I epoxy it in place. My original intent was to make it movable but after removing a lot of material I realized I was weakening it. I also needed a place to put the electronics. What I ended up doing with the non-seen end was making that movable, so I can pull it back. I split the bolt plate and 3D printed a cylinder behind it to keep it aligned
  12. Scope bored out and installed the electronics from FXBlasterOS.
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