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  1. Why is there now a 501 only sales area, sure that hasn't always been the case? I'm not 501St but have armour I need to put together but am more into the props, and blaster building suddenly I now don't have access to sales/trades which might interest me or others like me in the hobby.
  2. Totally agree hook line and sinker. And the stormtrooper was also my first figure which my brother brought for me
  3. Thanks guys got myself a large pack the other was a medium, can anyone point me in the best direction for the straps?
  4. The guy came back to me with the following : under the yoke it is described as a FIeld Pack Combat Nylon LG, which I can only assume is large. It then has a series of numbers, then what looks like MEDINA can anyone confirm if this is a large by the markings? also Pockets measure 23cm high, 15cm wide and 8.5 cm deep but didn't say if they are all same?
  5. Can someone please give me the dimensions of the large Alice pack I've seen one but don't know if its medium or large?
  6. That poster resides in a tank museum on the Isle of White I took the picture several years ago it's probably still on the wall.
  7. Hi Christine, your build is looking awesome loving the blaster effects. Noticed the thickness of your scope rail, you will find it easier to get the fold you want with a narrower gauge strip, similar to the width you have for the hengstler counter bracket I'd say - looking forward to seeing this finished.
  8. I'd also like to order some t-tracks for my e-11 build but your in box is full. Any left? PM me. Thanks!!

  9. Hi. Been trying to contact you for some t-track, but can't leave you a PM. Help!

  10. I'm interested in two sets, shipped to California, please PM me with total cost!

  11. hi, id like some t-track please

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