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  1. I wrote something. Of course it is very basic and I have no experience writing CRL, English is not my native language, so it might be disastrous. , but I did it with the intention of helping in some way. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1pRqNhCQ5ZYg099BH0WsInf1UCeIhspw-?usp=sharing I would be happy if at some point it is possible to have a CRL of this costume, not to stay with one more cosplay. Of course any modification improvements that the armor requires, I do.
  2. My first photos with the full armor were in early May. I started posting my WIP on the forum in November 2020. They started with the basics but yes, progress is slow. I have offered my help, but I imagine you must be patient.
  3. Yes I would like it. I had posted the whole WIP on the SpecOps detachment forum, SCAR squad is a special operations unit, I thought it was the right detachment. They told me that they wanted to work on the CRL too, they started to write something, but it's been months since we haven't talked any more about it. I don't know if there should be any communication between detachments.
  4. Another detail is that in many references, the helmet gives me the impression that it is a Hero version, but in other images, it is not. It's really complicated, but I liked working on this character. An interesting detail. For a regular Tk, the holster affixed with only two fasteners at the bottom. The references indicate that it should be fastened with 4 fasteners. My belt
  5. Yes, they are small details that are ignored. Likewise, it would eventually be an easy thing to fix.
  6. Version 2 of the pauldron already fixes that wrinkle problem. The truth is, if it is difficult to emulate the different drawings, there is no consistency in the different angles that the artist draws. This is how I modified the chest. Yes, my armor was black. =) Abdomen. Due to the lack of consistency in many parts, well I assumed some parts were like a regular TK. For example the thigh ammo strip. Another example is the tube strips, in no image you can see that they are blue, they are all black, but I think that due to factors of ease of drawing for the artist, then I assume that they are blue.
  7. Hello all! Kreel, appears in various issues of comics. And unfortunately the drawings are not the same. In issues # 59 & # 60 he shows us a more "realistic" armor. That's why I decided to modify an Anovos armor to emulate the armor of this character. Refererences: After several modifications to the armor. This is my version 1. After those first photos, I made some adjustments, to the pauldron and the lightsaber. Old ____ New New / Reference / Old At some point I have to take photos with these improvements, but this is the work I have done.
  8. Reading the visual guide for EIB and Centurion, I already found the answer. Thanks
  9. Imagino que debería presentar los dos, el sable y el blaster, eso pues, no sería problema de todas maneras jeje.
  10. Ok, si, el detalle es que en el CRL, la sección del Sable, tiene texto en azul, entonces me hace pensar que lo podría usar para nivel 2. Por eso tengo la duda , si uso el sable en nivel 2, no debería usar blaster, entonces se contradice la norma por decirle de alguna manera. Me haría pensar de que debería ser un CRL aparte, pero eso es ya entrar en una discusión más amplia jeje. --- The Laser Sword section has blue text. Then you could use it for EIB application. But if I do, I shouldn't use a blaster. And if the requirements for EIB call for the blaster, they contradict each other. So my doubt.
  11. Hello all!! Just to confirm my interpretation. I can request approval for my TK ANH Hero, wearing a Laser Sword. And just wear the thermal detonator on my belt, no holster. Therefore no blaster. Right? The additional and most important question I have. For the application of EIB and Centurion program, can I do it in the same way?
  12. ANH troopers can't opt for this version of Heavy Trooper then. I think that only in the shoulder they have ammo pouches.
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