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  1. Reading the visual guide for EIB and Centurion, I already found the answer. Thanks
  2. Imagino que debería presentar los dos, el sable y el blaster, eso pues, no sería problema de todas maneras jeje.
  3. Ok, si, el detalle es que en el CRL, la sección del Sable, tiene texto en azul, entonces me hace pensar que lo podría usar para nivel 2. Por eso tengo la duda , si uso el sable en nivel 2, no debería usar blaster, entonces se contradice la norma por decirle de alguna manera. Me haría pensar de que debería ser un CRL aparte, pero eso es ya entrar en una discusión más amplia jeje. --- The Laser Sword section has blue text. Then you could use it for EIB application. But if I do, I shouldn't use a blaster. And if the requirements for EIB call for the blaster, they contradict each
  4. Hello all!! Just to confirm my interpretation. I can request approval for my TK ANH Hero, wearing a Laser Sword. And just wear the thermal detonator on my belt, no holster. Therefore no blaster. Right? The additional and most important question I have. For the application of EIB and Centurion program, can I do it in the same way?
  5. ANH troopers can't opt for this version of Heavy Trooper then. I think that only in the shoulder they have ammo pouches.
  6. The recent issue of the comic book Star Wars produced by Marvel, shows in detail and more "realistic" the armor of Sergeant Kreel. Wearing of course your light saber, jetpack, SE-14R Blaster, right arm accessory, pauldron and other accessories. In my opinion, I see all the same elements of a Stormtrooper stunt armor. Except the chest , abdomen and pair of parallel lines as detail on the left shoulder. Adding also the accessories mentioned above and that can be seen in the images. And even more pictures inside the comic. I think there is enough reference to start a built of t
  7. Michael Rivera Camacho TK-50601 Centurion Letter Andrew Many thanks!! Pura Vida!! PLEASE SEE POST BELOW, Michael.
  8. Michael Rivera Camacho TK-50601 EIB Letter Andrew Gracias por la ayuda. http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/50601-eib.png
  9. Excelente!!!!! Muchas gracias a todos!!! Thanks for the help received. I am very grateful.
  10. Ok, let's see if I have better luck. In the end, the solution I found to not damage the armor was to place a piece of plastic on my shims. The thickness of the piece I used was almost accurate to fit the thickness of the kidney plate. Inside, it does not show much, because I adjusted the size to shim that was already. This side was a bit more complicated because I had to remove the snaps. But I only made holes in the new piece of plastic in the same position of the shim that was already. In both cas
  11. I think I understood the problem well. I am afraid to put at risk the integrity of armor for that correction, I will analyze well how to do it. If I see there are problems I prefer to cancel my request. This weekend I will work on this, thank you very much.
  12. Okay, analyzing my problem. The shims are almost well aligned. The kidney plate curve is the problem.
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