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  1. The goal is to get this CRL complete as it's never been done before. I've asked Ingrid Moon (LadyInWhite) and Misty Melillo to lead this. Along with Teresa, Jana, Molly and several others, this is what they have so far. Yes, this is the TFA as the base and I'll make changes based on what they have posted in their GoogleDoc as updates, but wanted to get the base post started. NOTES: 1. This first post will always be the master list. Any agreed upon changes will be reflected here. 2. I will cite any change, e.g. [TFAL2] as something that is copied from the TFA L2, or [Ingrid] as an Ingrid change. 3. Goal is to have this 100% complete by the end of the year. Alrighty, so, let's get the party started. // Helmet *The helmet is mirror reflective and shall not be weathered. *Lenses are smoky brown or gray in color. They may be bubble in shape or flat and must be sufficiently dark enough to obscure the costumer's eyes. *The frown is solid black and covered in black hexagonal mesh that extends to the tears. *There are three slight grooves that circumvents the helmet above the brow, which is the same color as the helmet. *There is a slight groove that circumvents the helmet along the bottom and over the chin. *The bottom of the helmet flares slightly outward and is horizontal and flat on the bottom. *A “Mohawk”-like ridge is raised along the center of the helmet from the brow to the bottom back. *Parallel to either side of the raised ridge are three slight grooves; the third groove may cut back toward the trap. L2 *Grooves in helmet are not black or otherwise colored in. Neck Seal * Black with horizontal ribs, fitted to the wearer, and extending from the base of the neck to conceal the entire neck. L2 *Neckseal has a bib on front and back. *Neckseal shall have 11 ribs. Chest Armor *Chest is mirror reflective and shall not be weathered. *The chest plate overlaps the abdominal plate. *The “cut-out” in the center-top of the chest plate is recessed and black on the side and upward facing edges. *A small clasp greeblie shall be present on each side of the chest, just inside a small indented area the size of the greeblie. *There is a groove running vertical on each lateral side of the chest that angles toward the center. *Six recessed black ovals are on the wearer's right side, left of the greeblie. L3 *Channel on sides of chest should show clear separation. Back/Yoke *Yoke is mirror reflective and shall not be weathered. *The back plate contains a "O II" design. *The back/yoke is one seamless piece. *The yoke portion extends over the wearer's shoulders and curves under the armpits. Thermal Detonator* The thermal detonator mounting plate is mirror reflective, unweathered, and sits under the back plate and rests above the belt.* The control panel is black.* The right-hand recessed end cape is black.* The left-hand end cap extends from the detonator assembly and is black all around the cylinder as well as the end surface. A silver stripe is present around the end of the cylinder that extends slightly onto the circular surface.* There should be no visible seams. L2 *Small section of black around the base of the left extended end cap shall be present. Shoulder Gaskets *Gaskets shall be rubber or a shiny black material with ridges. *The shoulder gaskets must cover all exposed areas under the shoulder bell, between the bicep and chest, and between bicep and back. L3 *Gaskets shall be made of rubber. Fabric gaskets are not acceptable. Shoulder Bells *One on each shoulder. *Bells are mirror reflective and shall not be weathered. *The shoulders are considered effectively symmetrical. They may be worn interchangeably on the left and right shoulders. *Shoulders have small round extension at the top under the bell itself that butts up against the yoke. Biceps *Biceps are mirror reflective and shall not be weathered. *Biceps have only one seam on the side that faces forward. *A clip greeblie is present low and across the seam. *Two black ovals are present on the outward facing side of the bicep. L3 *Ridges in bicep must be present (small detailed section). Elbow Gaskets *Gaskets shall be rubber or a shiny black material with ridges. *The elbow gaskets must cover all exposed areas between the bicep and forearm. L3 *Gaskets shall be made of rubber. Fabric gaskets are not acceptable. Forearms *Forearms are mirror reflective and shall not be weathered. *Forearms shall have ridged rail, similar to a picatinny, embedded on the inside of the forearm. *Forearms shall have a box on the bottom the wrist end, roughly covering 1/3rd of the embedded rail. *Each forearm shall have two 'clasp greeblies' on the outward facing surface, near the wrist. *Detail box includes black rectangle on small edge perpendicular and closest to wrist. Gloves/fingers *Hand armor is mirror reflective and shall not be weathered. *Gloves are black. *Gloves extend underneath the forearm. *Hand plates are rigid square boxes and the hand plates are mounted securely over the back of the glove. *A trapezoidal wrist plate is mounted securely between the hand plate and the forearm, contoured to match the hand plate.*Finger armor is three rigid pieces per finger, proportionate in size to the fingers, with the fingertips ending in small, contoured trapezoids. L2 *There shall be a scribed border on the top, approximately 1/2" from the edge all the way around each plate. L3 *Glove inner palm must have black stitching. Abdomen Section *Abdomen section is mirror reflective and shall not be weathered. *The abdomen section must wrap around the wearer's body. *The abdomen has 7 boxes attached that matches the order and placement shown. *The large box has a small black recessed square to on the lower left of the wearer. *The second box to the right of the wearer has a small black recessed rectangle near the top. Codpiece *The codpiece is mirror reflective and shall not be weathered. *The codpiece sits below the abdomen and under the belt. *The codpiece is relatively flat, triangular, and contains two rectangular indentations, one on either side of the center. Posterior armor *Posterior armor is mirror reflective and shall not be weathered. *The posterior armor sits below the abdomen and under the belt. *The top portion of the part is hidden by the belt and used to connect the plate to the abdomen armor. Belt *The belt is ribbed and made from a rubber or a rubber like material. *The belt boxes consist of 2 horizontal boxes, 2 small vertical boxes, and 2 medium vertical boxes. There are no soft pouches with covers on the belt. *The two horizontal boxes worn on the front, one on each side of the center. They are mirror reflective on the outside/front half and black on the inside/back half. *Next to each horizontal box is a small vertical box, then the medium vertical box. The two sides of the belt are symmetrical. Undersuit *An undergarment must be worn such that the space between the thighs and the belt shows a black material. The black material may be shiny or matte. *The reference photo shows the type used on screen but is not required for basic approval. L3 *The shorts area of the undersuit should be shiny. Thighs *Thighs are mirror reflective and shall not be weathered. *There are seams on the inside and outside of each thigh. *A clip greeblie is present high and across the outside seams of each thigh. *The wearer's right thigh includes a base for a weapon holster. Holster does not need to be functional. Knee Gaskets *Gaskets shall be rubber or a shiny black material with ridges. *The knee gaskets must cover all exposed areas between the thigh and shin. L3 *Gaskets shall be made of rubber. Fabric gaskets are not acceptable. Knee Plates *The knee plates are mirror reflective and shall not be weathered. *The knee plates mirror each other and are placed evenly between the thigh and the shin. *Convex edge of knee plate faces downward. Shins *Shins are mirror reflective and shall not be weathered. *There are seams on the inside and outside of the shins, with the opening on the inside. *A clip greeblie is present high and across the outside seams of each shin. *The wearer's left outside shin includes two vertical thin boxes that are seamless. L2 *There are pills at the bottom of the shins just above the spats. Boots *Boots are black suede, leather, or leather-like, absent of laces, with no pronounced heel. They may be Chelsea (TK) or First Order (TK) style boots. L3 *Boots must have a small heel, unlike regular FO style boots. Shin Armor *Shin and foot armor are mirror reflective and shall not be weathered. * The foot armor consists of four pieces: ** A toe armor plate that is rigid and has a contoured curve that covers the front top of the boot ** A heel cover that is a semi-circular piece that affixes to the rear heel of the boot ** Instep armor which is a rounded edged rectangle that sits above the toe armor and rests against the shin piece ** A circular spat piece that has a greeblie on the outside edge of each spat, and a matching contour indent in the front that aligns with the shin armor. Cape *The cape is a black cotton canvas or rubberized canvas that crosses the chest diagonally from the right shoulder to the left elbow area. *There is a red stripe painted down the entire left seam of the cape. The stripe and seam are approximately 1.25” - 1.5” wide. *There is a seam down The right side of the cape approximately 1” - 1.25” wide. *The cape attaches at the right shoulder with a semi hidden closure and there is a black leather or leather like strap approximately 1.5” x 14” that drapes over the right shoulder onto the costumer’s back. *There are 4 pockets on the back left side of the cape starting approximately in the shoulder blade area in a 1, 2, and 1 pattern. The top and bottom pockets are approximately 4.5” x 9” and the 2 middle pockets are approximately 5.5” x 11.5”. The bottom pocket has a black leather or leather like strap approximately 1.5” x 14” attached horizontally to the bottom left corner. *There are 2 black leather or leather like straps attached horizontally to the left seam, behind the red stripe approximately located around the left hand area. The top strap is located about 1” above the bottom strap. The top strap is approximately 1.5” x 16” and the bottom strap is approximately 1.5” x 14”. *The back of the cape should be long enough to touch the ground but may vary in length +/- a few inches. The back of the cape rises diagonally from the left foot area to the right hand/knee area. There is a hem along the entire bottom of the cape. L2 *The cape is made of cotton canvas and consists of 4 panels. *The cape is coated with a binder giving it a slight sheen. *The right shoulder connection is permanent or semi-permanent and allows the right side of the cape to rotate. This creates waves and bunching across the back of the cape. *The cape has bunching at the left shoulder area. ACCESSORIES Captain Phasma Blaster Rifle *Based on a replica Sterling sub-machine gun, scratch-built, or a modified commercial toy Stormtrooper blaster. *Similar to standard First Order Stormtrooper Blaster with extended stock attached. *Details are mirror reflective and shall not be weathered. L3 *Working lights and working front torch are required. *Front handle must be movable. Captain Phasma SE-44C *Based on a replica Glock 19 repeating pistol, scratch-built, or a modified commercial Stormtrooper toy. *Details to be painted black, white and mirror reflective per reference photos, and not be weathered. Quicksilver baton (spear) *The spear is mirror reflective in color. *The spear is of varying length (it telescopes in the film) and has a cutout section at the 2 foot and 5 foot height marks that is comprised of a small circle, a small oval, and a larger elongated oval. *Length is proportional to costumer and extends approximately 12 inches above the costumer's height.
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    TLJ Captain Phasma CRL Thread

    Chris - I'm able to modify this but can you please make this update with an "is" and "should be"? For instance changing the strap, I'm not sure how exactly to edit this.
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    Is the following armor accepted

    The whole reason why I created this detachment was for reasons like this - when I joined (before Facebook) there were also a lot of scams, mostly EBay but also garrison veterans pushing new folk to their "buddies" recast crap (for lack of a better word). But the forum solved many problems, having attaches in the garrison has helped tons too. We created our own Facebook page to try to get people who are Facebook-centric, but aren't doing as well as hoped. We really need more "Facebook attaches" to help with outreach. We do our best, but alas can't get to everyone.
  4. Below is the "mission statement" of the detachment. CURRENT VISION: The 1st Imperial Stormtroopers are a Detachment of the 501st Legion, dedicated to the armor and equipment of stormtroopers as seen in Star Wars. They strive for accuracy in costuming and to discuss everything stormtrooper related. Their mission is to serve the needs of both current and prospective members of the 501st Legion, in keeping with their unofficial motto: "troopers helping troopers. ORIGINAL VISION: The 1st Imperial Stormtroopers are a Detachment of the 501st Legion, dedicated to the armor and equipment used by the stormtroopers shown in the Star Wars Original Trilogy. We strive for accuracy in costuming and to discuss everything stormtrooper related including Expanded Universe stormtrooper variations. The detachment is dedicated to serving the needs of both 501st members and persons new to Star Wars costuming who hope to join the 501st. WHY: Originally the 501st was a costuming club that centered on the stormtrooper costume. Over time the group has expanded its scope to include all "bad guy" Star Wars costumes. There is now a detachment that encompasses every costume type except the stormtrooper. The downsides of this situation are several: 1. There is no central body (aka detachment) that serves as the champion for the TK costume or to research, discuss, and propose standards for either existing stormtrooper costumes or new versions that might appear in the Expanded Universe. 2. There is no centralized resource for stormtrooper costuming for existing 501st members. All other costumes have such a forum to discuss topic specific to that costume except for the TK. 3. There is no centralized resource for stormtrooper costuming for new members. If there is a non-501st member who is new to this hobby and wants to create a stormtrooper costume there is no central forum for him to use as a basis to do this, unlike other costumes (e.g. Clonetroopers, MEPD, Bikerscout, etc.). I think this is the most critical goal of the detachment: helping new members who wish to create a stormtrooper costume and who do not have access to 501st-only resources to do so. WHAT THE GROUP HOPES TO ACCOMPLISH: 1. Promote the current quality standards for the stormtrooper costume as established by the 501st. 2. Develop and create a higher standard of stormtrooper costume for members to achieve and a "kudo" (e.g. deployed status) as a recognition of that accomplishment (the same way the Mos Eisley Police Department has create a higher standard for MEPD Deployment). The goal of this is not to force people to achieve the higher standard, but rather to demonstrate what the costume can become and recognize those who achieve it. 3. Create an open and respectful forum for all discussions stormtrooper related, regardless of whether or not they are Original Trilogy or Expanded Universe. One major goal of the detachment is to celebrate the stormtrooper costume in all its forms, and the Star Wars costuming hobby in general. 4. Create and foster an esprit de corp for the stormtrooper costume. Some members complain that their garrison is stormtrooper-centric, others that the stormtrooper is looked down upon. By having a central space where stormtroopers can congregate and celebrate their costume, it removes the ?us versus them? mentality that has crept into some organizations, and establishes the stormtrooper costume as one of many equals.
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    Why a Stormtrooper Detachment?

    Current vision updated as what we had was still outdated by almost 10 years
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    Is the following armor accepted

    I had a chat with someone in the HKG that said the address is dodgy. I hope we are wrong and you get your items in the end.
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    Is the following armor accepted

    Thanks Steve. Yeah, you guys should know that the plastic costs more than what they are selling these kits for. I truly hope you get something, but I doubt it will be what you expect. Twice I've tried to order costumes at a "great price" overseas (neither were SW), and twice no delivery at all. Have you guys thought to talk to anyone in the HKG at all? We have members in Kowloon - they could easily tell you if this is a scam or not.
  8. Thanks - these photos are much better quality then when I did a comparison a long time ago and really show the detail between the two.
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    TK armor for freaks?

    I think the biggest TK I've seen was CMANavy and you may find his posts somewhere still. IIRC he was like 6'4" and 240lbs and made his TE armor fit. You can also look up TK-Big who sculpted his own https://www.studiocreations.com/howto/talesfromthetrenches/tk837_stormtrooper.html RT & AM are good options as has been noted. You can do it! Then again, you are a great size for a Republican Trooper!
  10. OK, so I remember getting a ton of request to update the HWT CRL. Below are a compiled list of suggestions. Before I start working with the LMO, I want to ask for your thoughts and ideas. What do you like about the changes, what's wrong? What pictures need to be replaced (besides the model)? ------------ We have new updated photos for the main HWT CRL pics, which will be replacing those that are there now. The thing is with the one shown is this: At the time when they created the original CRL, there was really no one with a definitive pack, so Brian stepped forward. Recently in the Staff area they asked for suggestions to update the CRLs, and this is what I posted: There has been quite a bit of controversy over these CRLs as of late, which you may have noticed. I am not asking for radical changes by any means, just to clarify the items a bit. Below I have copied/pasted the original CRL areas, and my suggested changes are in red, and are obviously open to editing. Backpack For 501st approval: Backpack is styled after and closely matches the backpack seen in the Battlefront series as seen in photos and is a requirement for basic approval. No video monitors, extra greeblies. lights of any sort or attachments not seen in photos can be present at any level. Pauldron For 501st approval: A black, orange, or white neck ornament made of leather or a leather-like material, worn over the right shoulder. For level two certification (if applicable): Pauldron is of the padded "puffy" variety. Older style flat and off color pauldrons are incorrect. Pauldron must be orange in color Pauldron is lightly scuffed,(battle worn), but not weathered like a Sandtrooper (TD). Thermal Detonator For 501st approval: No Thermal Detonator is permitted at any level. The Thermal Detonator (a.k.a. O2 canister) attaches to the back of the belt. Detonator consists of a grey cylinder, between 2”(50mm) and 2.5" (64mm) in diameter, with white end caps on each end. Detonator includes a white control panel pad, with controls closest to the right end cap. Note: The Thermal Detonator is omitted from this costume when a pack is worn. For level two certification (if applicable): Thermal detonator belt clips are positioned with little to no gap between the clips and the end caps. Ammo Pouches For 501st approval: German MP-40 style ammo pouches. Pouches are black in color and made of canvas, leather or leather-like material. White stitching must be covered with paint or a permanent black marker There are a minimum of two pouches required for basic approval.One pouch on the left shoulder and one on the right hip. Option:A third pouch worn on the opposite hip. Belt For 501st approval: Belt face is made of plastic (TK ammo belt). The soft belt proper is made of canvas, or material with a canvas covering. Size is 2.75” (70 mm) to 3.25”(83 mm) wide and not wider than the plastic portion of the belt. The color is white to off-white. It is not allowable to have drop boxes for the 501st requirements. If the drop boxes are used, they dangle from the sides of the front plastic belt (ammo belt) via white straps and are aligned under the plastic tabs of the ammo belt. Holsters are not permitted at any level. Drop boxes are not permitted at any level. For level two certification (if applicable): Belt face(TK ammo belt) is lightly scuffed,(battle worn), but not weathered like a Sandtrooper (TD). Canvas belt cannot contain holes from holster removal.
  11. As a released CRL, yes it is the GMLs responsibility to learn the CRL and to judge costumes against it. If they have any questions, they can always post a review in the GML/DL area of the Legion boards (that's what that section is there for). I do know that some DLs allow people to message them on FB, but I dislike that as it starts making things private which should be more open and also prevents them from becoming learning examples to other GMLs, e.g. is very inefficient.
  12. Yes. Currently FISD owns the costume and the CRL. We created the CRL and any changes go through us.
  13. To be clear, the HWT if it came along today would be at MEPD. In fact initially it was supposed to go to MEPD but the DL at the time wanted MEPD to focus only on the ANH TD, and so we gave them a home. At some point the HWT costume holders could get a consensus to move over to MEPD along with the EI->Deployed. I think MEPD would be receptive, personally. Where a costume goes is really up to the costume holders in this case.
  14. NOTE: Star Wars costumes that are commercially available (e.g. Rubies) is NOT ACCEPTABLE for membership without replacement of some parts and other modifications! It is recommended that you contact your GML or the LMO before purchasing a retail costume. Also be aware that this site - http://www.stormtrooper-costumes.com/home.html - is not considered commercially available. It is run by a person selling recast parts, and at a healthy premium over what you can buy direct from vetted sources. You've been warned...
  15. Adding another. TD-3079 from CA. Recasting several armor makers (ATA, KW, and whoever's snow trooper) and selling lots on Facebook, and made out of fiberglass. https://www.facebook.com/cesarsaul.sierra/about https://www.facebook.com/groups/856944321087645/permalink/1831752013606866/?sale_post_id=1831752013606866 https://www.facebook.com/groups/856944321087645/permalink/1897005110414889/?sale_post_id=1897005110414889 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2316769335030841&set=g.856944321087645&type=1&ifg=1 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2284696654904776&set=g.856944321087645&type=1&ifg=1 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2189844351056674&set=g.856944321087645&type=1&ifg=1
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    Cameras for eyes?

    I'm guessing they didn't have true VR in those helmets, else Luke wouldn't have said he can barely see a thing. Even in the clone wars they talked more about AR. Putting AR in your helmet is more likely the way to go. Ideally you'll want a helmet that has no wire going from it to your armor, as you can see when Luke/Han take off their helmets they are 100% self-contained. Hovi-mic speakers when set up correctly can be quite effective, and you could put a thumb switch inside your helmet to toggle between vox, FRS, or phone. Luke tapping his ear made it clear they had speakers in those guys too. It's not that far fetched - motorcycles have had this type of setup for years (I have one in my motorcycle helmet). The hard part actually is just trying to decide how to do the toggle, as on moto helmets it's an external switch. From there you could also have AR lens like HoloLens or GoogleGlass that projects a hud. Right now they are externally mounted if 3rd party like https://www.ridenuviz.com/ So all of this is certainly possible, e.g. 100% self-contained vox, audio, fans, even HUD. The trick it getting it all in the helmet and the weight associated with it. I'm guessing you'd want to reinforce that ABS bucket, which normally weighs nothing empty.
  17. About time, right? Man, this has been ages in the making and is the result of many people working many months on this. You can see it all at https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TK_TFA_captain_phasma_TLJ GMLs, you may approve when ready
  18. Also to be clear the mission of FISD is to be a supportive community for all things Stormtrooper. Making fun variations is just that - fun! If anyone looks down on you, they are doing it wrong. ;-)
  19. The Kilted Trooper Brigade is awesome and worthy for sure, but in my heart my favorites will always be the muppet troopers.
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    TFA Captain Cardinal

    So the word we got from LFL conflicted with the author on the boots. I think this came up before, but in the end we go with what LFL is showing as sources, even if they override what the author had originally envisioned.
  21. Even if you only offer kits, I think it's a great step in the right direction. Don't blame you for not sharing files if you don't want to. The ANOVOS helmets, etc. all had some flaws, so this could make a great upgrade.
  22. Daetrin

    Electrobinoculars build

    Wow, this is turning out really well. Maybe you'll some day do another one ;-)
  23. Daetrin

    Star Wars Resistance

    Hey - back in '77 Star Wars was also marked at kids, and look how that turned out. ;-) It's smart for them to target the next generation of fans. Even for my kids (11 & 13) while they may like Star Wars and Empire, most of their favs are the newer movies like The Force Awakens and Rogue One.
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    Any info on this?

    Replace the helmet and it's salvageable, or you can just make it a prop for your house.
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    I'm Back!

    Elite is now Expert Infantryman and we have a new level called Centurion. Easiest to go Centurion out of the box. The soft parts for a TK haven't changed much - but we've moved from Chengs to TKBoots and now to ImperialBoots.