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  1. Nothing better than new clean fresh white plastic welcome to the FISD ...you make us stronger
  2. Congrats Trooper You make us stronger ...welcome to FISD .
  3. Will definitely be working on it The Empire has me keeping busy. Costume approval #5 and three more in the works. Plus two amazing daughters who love Cosplay ...and a new puppy ....will get there. Thanx for the encouragement.
  4. Ivan Bedard 37512 EIB letter size Sha Sha http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/37512-eib.png 268
  5. Thanx so much and with the goals to lose the 20lbs I gained back this year I will be slowly working on changes. May be deep into next year but all good things come with time. Again thank you very much.
  6. Good to see another AM armor kit you may want to peek at my submission that's under review just a few down on the list. Will give you some ideas on what they will be looking at. One that I had issues with was that Gap in the sides. Good luck with yours.
  7. New strap Made and Pics taken Just for my piece of mind I measured the rivets and button. Please let me know if more pictures needed. Had my daughter measure both sides before shooting the photos and both under 1/2 inch. Thank you for the nylon strap hint. Hope to hear back soon
  8. No problem Hope this was a easy fix. The Belt clips was a fun part of this build so being off only a small bit I am happy.
  9. Paint removal Done. New paint Done. I have a few other photos but i think this shows the best. Please let me know. Nylon strap will be done later for kidney gap. But build party tomorrow so may be later in the weekend. Got to get others started. Thank you all for the help. Hope this looks better.
  10. Ok looking at this one and the one you first put lines on I think I can see what the goal is . Using some visual angles helps. When looking from top down and imagining the gum line and then the same for the top. That's why I also showed my original paint job ...because I definitely did that and then over compensated. And had a little run off ...think I can clean it up. Thank you will post pictures as soon as I'm done. Also waiting for nylon strap to come in Friday and make the changes over the weekend. TY again for the reference . As for my frustrations it's not anyone but me causing it losing eyesight as a artist is the worst. Just glad this is paint and not bad cuts on plastic
  11. So having to edit this because in my quick glance at home I missed some of the message gmrhodes13 had posted. ok so the photos I posted was after shashachu had posed a reference for me to remove some paint from top gum line based in my original photos. Then I took new photos before removing any. To show what I see since photos are not three dimensional . Please understand my frustrations when painting I now need to use 2x magnification reading glasses for the first time in my life. So having a better understanding where I'm off would help. Here are some of the original photos before I was told to paint more. From a armor group on Facebook I have looked over the reference photos many times. The reason I asked was I have a problem where when I painted what I thought to be closer to the screen jagged paint style very quick and far away from gum lines i had others tell me was to much. Now what I ended up with being asked to remove. Some advice for someone that Is not enjoying life with glasses for the first time in his life. To me its all in angles of the photos taken. I truly cant see the line or a guide to me my second photos look like its on the bottom gum line and not the upper? Thanks for any direction but sadly for me need a little more of a nudge. Again very sorry if I come across long-winded ...I want to get this right and the bucket is 100% important in my book.
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