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  1. oh my....sorry für die VERDAMMT späte Antwort - ich bin aus Augustin (zumindest noch temporär und ca bis Spätherbst) und ich hab zwar noch nicht SO die Ahnung, aber @Cody42 ist mein Verlobter und der hat so einiges an Ahnung ... Späte Hilfe, aber nunja^^
  2. hahaha oh my they´ll be through the roof then XD Hm fair nuff thx mate Guess I can trust my cats to back the hell off if it smells cos smelling is ew and cats don´t like smelly..hmmmm things might happen tomorrow - Monday tops! FINALLY^^
  3. ok "Made in the USA" and batch number - CHECK! Phew!!! I´m close to starting to use E6000 for the first time (TIE Bucket for now) and I´m contemplating where I do it because of the fumes. I´ve read a lot about open garages and the like but I do see "living room table" builds, too. Can I use it in my office (maybe with a tilted window), would the living room with 2 windows open wide be better or will I have to use the space of my parents´company with a room, a hall that opens wide, has some parts covered by a lil roof and an open parking space? I do have a mouthcover, too which I could use plus I´ll make sure my cats will not be in the room when glueing... I´ve put waaaay too little thought into this point up till now
  4. what´s that lovely nickname you like to use? Millimeterf*beep*s? I guess that gene will strike again and it will become exactly that - another masterpiece. Starting with circuit board cut outs and stuff again is so typically you Now I have the incredible luck to have you living nearby which means I´ll definately see it in person sooner or later and I can´t wait *.*
  5. Tino I´m in awe! It´s a bloody piece of art! Gesendet von meinem ASUS_T00J mit Tapatalk
  6. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=21793&costumeID=73 humbly requesting 501st access
  7. I have a list of 5 numbers I´m considering, up to this moment all of them are free. So when the time is due I´ll check back on them, then most likely ask my friend who got me into all this to pick one - and yeah that´ll be it ^^ If he´s lucky I ´ll pick one myself but most likely I´ll be too stunned to think Whilst joking around and stuff I pick my custom costume signature and my birthday ^^
  8. Bara is awesome and a sweetheart and you did an amazing job in the video. Thanks so much for participating.
  9. Another Newsletter full of epicness - and it even features my "The Dream" Video *-* It was Brattie who posted it on FB the other day I instantly fell in love with it posting it all over the place, buying the song, voting, fangirling extremely. Bara even contacted me after buying it and we had a little chat, she´s such a dear (potential candidate for interviews on the various podcasts? ) And of course I told her she´s mentioned here - she was so happy TK-22304 did an AWESOME job Can´t wait for the April Newsletter
  10. Whoa... erm... I´m humbled again and... yeah... erm... *coughs* Well yes, as he mentioned I was one of those to bug him to do the event (I handed him the survival guide, promised him I would have an eye on him, always be within arms reach...). I gotta admit I was quite proud when he actually appeared. Not only because I was happy to finally meet him in person, but because he gave it a try. And well what can I say - HE ROCKED IT!!! He suited up on his own - well almost, we had to help a tiny bit and optimize things but he pretty much did it all by himself. Due to a dear friend of ours he sorted the foggy problem he had after a bit and boy did he gain confidence after that. He was all shy and nervous at first so I pretty much stayed next to him, whenever our Vader didn´t need me. It was both a pleasure and an honour to see him "in action" ... to see how much fun he had, how he started to understand "what it´s like" - and I can´t wait to see it again and again. Plus the armour is nothing but friggin ACE and ... it needs air... it needs to be seen, to be out there - and he knows it (I´ve told you... there are replacement parts, things can be repaired, whatever, you´ll be fine, you got people who´d help you in a heartbeat) I had a blast being your handler and I´d do it again in an instant! And no, we won´t stop bugging you to get approved
  11. Thanks for the tons of info to keep me reading while I save money and stay in the shadows only peeking out in urgent situations. :)

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