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  1. I´m working on the biceps, but don´t really know, which part is left, right, outside or inside. Can anyone who built an 850 Armor works TK tell me, what is what? Thanks in advance
  2. Today I took the opportunity that my son is here to help me. We made a duct tape mannequin. He had much fun wrapping his old dad in tape. The problems started as he had to cut me open. To make it easier for him and more comfy for me, I lay down on my bed. It looks like this Meet my headless twin. I also worked on the shins and tighs. Slowly all comes together.
  3. Today I worked on the abdomen and kidney. I must confess, I have to lose weight. The traumaplate doesn't really fit over the middlepiece. Where do I cut the best to make it fit over the rectangular?
  4. Thank you for your offer. I'd like to post it here to share experiences with others who will build this kit, too.
  5. Not much progress today. I struggle with the belt. (Like almost every R1 builder) Afaik is the top part the front of the belt. But what do I do with the two squares and the four rectangulars? This will be the ammobelt on the right tigh. Do I have to cut it down to a flat strip with the five rectangulars? At least I have my first two parts ready.
  6. The shoulderbells seem to be a little problem. There a nearly no lines to see, where I can cut. Any tips?
  7. I started trimming the forearms and hand plates. I think I will trim all pieces first and start assembling after that. Instead of putting the two halfs of the td together , I think I'll look for tube.
  8. Let the game begin. Today was BBB day. Another lucky costumer. Thanks to 850AW. Great job and very fast shipping.
  9. Thanks guys. Didn't think this would come out that good. Now I have to add the right power cylinders.
  10. Ok. This seems to work. Some little things have to be done. T-Tracks and the scope. But for now I'm quite happy with my first build. Which took me around a week.
  11. Yeah. It's glossy Hammerschlag. Too glossy. I'm already painting it matt black. Compared to the ANH blaster, this one will be all black. Just the bolt will get another colour. Btw. inserting pictures from Imgur doesn't work for me.
  12. Almost ready for final paint. The fool as I am, I didn't buy the right black.
  13. Hi guys, thanks for your appreciation. I'll try my best. My plan is to finish the blaster this weekend. Update will follow asap.
  14. While waiting for my R1 armor, I felt a little bored. So I ordered a complete Kit from T- Jay, including his completion kit. It arrived just one day later ( we both were a little surprised) Along the build I always checked References and his blaster build. Unfortunately the Doopydoos kit is not 100% suitable for the R1 blaster. I had to improvise. But the grip is complete off. Anyways, I made changes where it was possible. All fotos can be seen Here. I was that busy, that I only took pictures on the way and didn't post it. But now I'm nearly ready to paint and weather . Feel free to comment and maybe critic
  15. Cool, thanks for your fast reply. As I won´t use a backpack, I´ll give the abs straps a try.
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