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  1. Since my last post, I've been adding genuine parts to my E-11 and I thought I share the progress here. Scored a M38 scope in Australia! Magazine catch, ejector and ejector retaining screw Magazine catch screw Back cap Bolt and cocking handle Barrel retaining screws Trigger guard Grip Trigger group retaining pin I have the front sight assembly too but I haven't installed it.
  2. Thanks for following i am in the final stages of my e11 sterling build and have just purchased a ready to troop armour from a 99th garrison member i also got a fiberglass mannequin and will be adapting him to a firing pose so i can make him a permanent feature in my office so lots to see soon .....Graeme

  3. I just got caught up on your build and every post is riveting! This is one of the most outstanding builds I've seen here. Congratulations on your brilliant build and I look forward to seeing a full demo video soon.
  4. Looks like a ver 2.0 build with full metal parts is inevitable.
  5. I am very flattered Dan. Thank you. Dennis' replica counters are highly recommended. I got a real one from him soon after I completed my build and it is very hard to tell the replica apart from the real one.
  6. The amount of mods you're applying is insane and the results are absolutely fantastic. In all honesty, I respect builds like yours. Mine is simply like a model kit that I assembled and painted. But your build requires so much more craftsmanship. Awesome work brother.
  7. I am in awe of your electronics work. Looking forward to the completion of your build.
  8. Fantastic work Dan! Your attention to details paid off and I'm glad you didn't overdo the weathering. You should be proud.
  9. This build is still alive!!! I acquired a genuine Hengstler Counter 400 from Dennis aka @TK-50101 Blue Snaggletooth and it is absolutely gorgeous! So much so I contemplated for a really long time before deciding to paint it. I used toothpaste to create the chipped paint effect and scuffed it up with steelwool. Again I left the cadmium coating intact since I really like that feature. Set the counter to my 501st Legion number.
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