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  1. You must have a minimum post count. This prevents a lot of spam messages. Presuming you are a 501st member post it for sale on your local Garrison and the main 501st for sale forums and I'm sure we'll see it. Is it new? Used? What maker?
  2. That suit....rivets on the front...that left arm...right leg...run. Far away. The overlap build is why it looks so skinny.
  3. Icomm is one. Google stormtrooper electronics or stormtrooper voice and the three or four big ones should appear. Or check out the getting started thread here at fisd for the vendors list.
  4. This is why a balaclava or raiders mask needs to be part of the crl. We know its a problem and how to fix it.
  5. Tandy. Zelikovich. Joanne's. Find a leather store. Saddles.
  6. Sad that the assassin is sith.
  7. Nice to see another diver. Def contact the Canadian Garrison. They limit the views for non members but lots and lots of armourers there. Welcome aboard!
  8. Because of the NDA members who purchased the kits signed the info has to be cleansed from public view. I presume the op hasn't signed an NDA and isn't a 501st member?
  9. A Year ago my Mom died from Ovarian Cancer. August 22 at 2045. A Year ago I trooped an Ovarian Cancer Fundraiser. Shackstock 2014 .August 23 at 1400. (The organizer lost her mom to OC as well). In my Jawa, which was the only costume I had. Had to be done. Five guys from the Garrison came out and kept me safe. I 'utinni'd' with kids and danced with hoola hoops and all the while swallowed tears. Nobody let me get too far off by myself. It still sucked but I know my Mom would have wanted me to go. This year I've trooped 3 Ovarian Cancer fundraisers: a night at Boston Pizza, Shackstock 2015, and a local Walk for Ovarian Cancer awareness. all in TK. With a picture of my mom taped inside my armour. If i could afford it i'd make another suit and paint it Teal. I won a bucket at Fanexpo...might paint it Teal. I already made Burgandy and Purple eyes for my Jawa, which was in memory of my dad. Burgandy is the Myeloma Cancer colour and Purple associated with Dementia. Sorry to ramble.
  10. Nice read. I didn't get to bring my tk or tie or attend for the denizen March. Was nice to put faces to names around the booth.
  11. just put a layer of craft foam on either side of the rib to build it up and put your logo on top of all that.
  12. Hi. I'd read the getting started threads. Ap will be there and Walt makes children's armour.
  13. One guy is but not for mass production. He's got a sculp thread somewhere here.
  14. Hit 501st.com and find your local detachment. Get in touch with them. Check out the costume references and you'll see the two letter codes like IC and TK and TI.
  15. Imperial crewman. Hat. Disc. Boots. Jumpsuit. Cogs. Done.
  16. On I saw the helm I didn't see the fg build. Sweet.
  17. How are you making full suits without a vacuformer? And whos did you use as a reference?
  18. I measured it. It's a picatinny rail. Let the internet guide people. Like dental tools and photo lab gear for boba.
  19. The crl doesn't cater to builders. Builders cater to the crl. If you want to make money forging suits...lets be honest that's what aftermarket is...then a builder has to supply proper kits. Bubble lenses are what we've seen. Demonstrate a flat lens from movie footage not pre production photos and its allowed. Shiny black compression garmets vs matte finish. Etc.
  20. Make another costume. Gain membership. Watch the forums.
  21. Oh OK. I was looking in the other thread. I'm sure my pics were submitted but that may have been when @gazmosis was on vacation. How do I get the " first capital city garrison eib" tag?
  22. Were you ready to spend 2100.00 USD and wait seven months?
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