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  1. Howdy! Saw that you were taking lead on questions about making things. So, can you enlighten me on all the rules with this? I saw that after a certain amount, a mandatory 5 are sent to LFL.  What other restrictions are we bound to? And...THANK YOU  for your time to answer!


    Tom George



  2. TK4205

    Vettd sellers

    Thank you Joseph! Not seeing the private forum is a pain. I guess that leaves me with ebay.
  3. A long long time ago I had a FX and sold it to a guy. I told him the story and status of FX but he didn't seem to mind. It got him in the club. I'm sure he has upgraded by now. Nowadays I would display it on a mannequin along with my other kits. The FX has a rich history and plays an important role in the legion . I remember when most legion TK's were FX.
  4. TK4205

    Vettd sellers

    Hey guys, am I still on the "Vetted Sellers" list?
  5. My FIRST ORDER belt kit sale thread seems to have been deleted. Belt kits are $50 Contact ImperialGaskets@gmail.com
  6. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/act-four/wp/2018/10/04/we-didnt-need-russians-to-convince-us-that-the-last-jedi-was-bad/?utm_term=.5098476fa718
  7. There is lots more reference now than when I started; Then we had VCR and movie stills. The Original Trilogy Visual Dictionary has long been one of our greatest resources. You can still get them on Amazon.
  8. I was unaware of the differences when I started too. I found out after purchasing my first armor, which was FX and different from all three originals. ...Most kits for sale are based on the ANH stunt trooper. Also, I dig your avatar! WWG1WGA
  9. Can I get some more  FISD patches classic design?? let me know I like some more and you never answered me back please Friend . Scotlandferguson@yahoo.com is my email , so message me on here or yahoo . I check my  yahoo peridocally ok

  10. And sharpie is lots of different solvents like isopropanol. You need an alcohol based solvent to remove sharpie, so I'd enjoy it just like it is.
  11. The sharpie will bleed through anything that you spray on, so just keep it out of the sun. Dust with a damp soft cloth. I would research before I wrapped it in anything. I believe cling wrap is vinyl.
  12. dak

    Hi I ordered 3 Riot Control coins and sent funds via PP Angela Brown (VA) have they been sent yet?

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