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  1. your thighs need to go up about two inches. that will free up your knees. if they can't go up two inches....shim.
  2. Yup those ones. Take some white off and done. They come in summer and winter weights so I bought both.
  3. Find another tfa builder and ask to see his gloves. Mine are packed. They required modification.
  4. They are found items. I'm sure that info will be obvious by the tag inside when you see them.
  5. I'm hoping he was quoting time and prices for the new anh suit.
  6. Yeah...if the same kit costs less than 1200 with the helmet I'll be a bit pissed...OK a lot.
  7. There is no guarantee that the anovos kit will ship quickly. They have a lot of helmets to build....
  8. return edges are mentionned where they cannot be. wrist part of forearms. most of them are trimmed off to fit the limb. kidney and back plate are trimmed to be as flush as possible.
  9. I'll get them added in soon. All of them showed missing bicept straps.
  10. And thanks :-). Once I get through the other build I'll finish tweaking for next level.
  11. I was going to retake the full body shots with the correct upgrades.
  12. Original Post edited with updated pics of bicep straps, correct tube stripes, made side trap more trap than square, correct TD metal attachments.
  13. Belts done. Repainted tubes. I think I'm ready to resubmit. Packing a house and...another build...got in the way.
  14. you can buy decals from trooperbay. If you are doing an ANH Stunt build you want the handpainted look (dave M stickers). and individual tube stripes. they also sell a set of stencils for the tubes and you hand paint them. a coat of white then a couple coats of the correct blue.
  15. The extra material will be the strips on the front and back seams of your thighs forearms biceps and calves. You might need some for side shims depending on your girth. E6000 is glue. It attaches to each thing you are gluing together and sits in the middle. Abs cement is like a weld. It melts each piece and then solidifies and you've basically got one solid piece. E6000 is forgiving. Abs cement isn't.
  16. I don't think a laminate trooper will stand up well unless you resin the inside .
  17. Ata has one big one less big. You can trim the inside edges a little and try to make it more oval with heat...but they all for that way.
  18. Guys at a conference. Or needs his name tag while he walls around in case he wanders too far from home.
  19. Guys talking out of his hat anyway...
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