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  1. it's a knurled handle. you could make one out of dowel and patience with a knife. find a suitable sized knurled driver or round wrench at the thrift shop and cut it to size and epoxy in.
  2. I asked where he obtained the patches. His response was he had a friend in the legion who had to sell all his stuff.
  3. Former reservist. Photo video technician and sales. Going to nursing school in the fall. Anybody have a 501st medic and nurse patch for trade?
  4. The unit only fires when I push a button. No heat or anything. Humidity kills it. After a troop sounding like a chipmunk I moved the board to my arm and it hasnt happened since. Works in minus 20 to plus 30.
  5. the armour itself has offset rear traps so they were painted inside the moulded areas. short of ironing out one of the trap areas and forming a new trap....maybe i can paint it so it looks like its not crossing a trap.
  6. Dude you say the innards of airwolf....lucky.
  7. Helm traps rear. The mould is uneven. Is that normal? should I have painted them even...but they would look awful with the dividing bump and empty white space...I have to make one side more trap than square I know.
  8. many times today tears welled up for a character on star trek, and the wonderful human being that portrayed him...did charity work...was a great poet and photographer. were he Jedi...and he was...i would ignore order 66. time to watch trek marathons. buckets down.
  9. This costume means a lot to me...my parents never got to.see it but.I want it done right.
  10. So...black coated wire wrapped around t tracks...sigh. more work.
  11. Oooh...I thought that was just peoplemholding them in place while the glue dried....
  12. I'm there the 14th to the monday i think. what i bring depends on the airlines. or i ship it but hate the taxes.
  13. Novus 2 takes out blemishes. Novus 1 is the polish.
  14. I see aome with a large flat almost iphone shaped cover on the ejection port.
  15. thanks for clarifying all that...I was going to ask about all of them if questionned on it because they seem to fall into the "everyone knows that" category.
  16. Hovi tips. Inside painted white? Black? So many different pictures....
  17. Well I bought fans and audio in bulk knowing what I needed for a couple of years. My current wearable costumes are jawa tusken tk when I fix it soon 181 pilot soon tk be baron fel reserve pilot and imp officer. Jesi and endor trooper in the works...fett and scout 80% done...mando merc and a new custm 501st I hope costume...yeah. then i have 5 years of school...ill be ready. Oh and a tx medic this summer.
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