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  1. Dude ... truely said for me is the hole Diskussion about the white strap nonsense...<br><br> some ESB TKs has them some not ... like for example the one in the carbo chamber<br><br> <a data-ipb='nomediaparse' href='http://i46.photobucket.com/albums/f143/Daelma/TK-ESB/1CA9ACD6-2031-43AE-A994-6DA8EFFFD5B8_zpse8dviajd.png'>http://i46.photobucket.com/albums/f143/Daelma/TK-ESB/1CA9ACD6-2031-43AE-A994-6DA8EFFFD5B8_zpse8dviajd.png</a><br><br><br> First i Post some pics with No strap ... what's for me Screen accurate are. <br><br> The DO want to See some strap, ok here it is .... i prefere ESB with non strap and After the App i will remove it again.<br><br> I have a SWAT - Sandtrooper , Lancer - Biker Scout and work on my Emperor - Darth Vader.<br><br> im pissed enough of cutting some of my shins.
  2. Look above ...<br><br> "The first is that I would take a Dremel to the top left side of the left calf, so that it doesn't stick out above the sniper knee plate. Easy fix!"<br><br> I just do what the DO want to see to get the third Status
  3. Greeetz Jo and thx for your service Knee Plate Problem done -checked- cutted out some of the innerside , so nothing can look out from the sniperplate ---- next step... shoulder bridges.... dont want to move back them ... movie original where 6 steps i have just five.... cant go any more less... would look in the front profile accurate... i found a other solution i double shorted up the elastiv strap before : after: so i have my five steps on the front plate ... and some steps on the backplate : and i added the White elastic strap : i hope that would be all THX Manny
  4. Mandatory Information Armor = TrooperMaster Helmet= TrooperMaster Blaster= DoopyDoes http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/37502-tk-22011-requesting-esb-eib-status-tm-606/ Optional Height = 1.78m Weight = 80,5 Boots = Jodhpur Canvas belt = Felice Hand Plates = TM Electronics= Rom/FX Neck Seal = selfmade Holster = selfmade After losing some more pounds , here my try to get Centurion and here just for fun a movie accurate picture :-p thanks for your time ! greatings TK-22011 Daelma aka Manny
  5. Thanks you guys for your Time !<br><br> I will try my best to get lvl 3 soon
  6. Ok after now 1,5 month of diat and changing Food <br><br> So solve the Problem. :<br><br> Any gap between the abdomen and kidney armor is no more than 1/2" (12.5mm) wide.<br><br><br> Bevor And Now Picture without bucket to prove it is me Pic of the cod rivert Thanks Cheeers Daelma
  7. Hi Paul <br><br> Yes , the helmet was repainted to get some paint cracks like the movie ones<br> The Colorcode was : RAL 9016 - StreetWhite - Gloss
  8. Greetz Tony<br><br> Armor= TrooperMaster<br> Helmet= TrooperMaster <br> Blaster= Doopydoes <br><br> Height = 1.78m<br> Weight = 91kg<br> Boots = Jodhpur <br> Canvas belt = selfmade by Felice TD20049<br> Hand Plates = ABS - TrooperMaster <br> Electronics= RomFX<br> Neck Seal = sythetic leather<br> Holster = selfmade real leather<br><br> Pictures tomorrow
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