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  1. Pyrates

    The Stormtrooper Hall of Fame

    Happy New Year Troopers!!! Last month’s submissions to the Field Exercises was tremendous! It was great to see more new buckets sharing their holiday expeditions, making smiles, and warming the hearts in the season of giving. Even for me, the big ol’ jolly Santa Claus was starting to question his apparel with us having less screaming younglings and more hugs. This month we honour TK - 82214 Zac with his mic drop photo for St. Nick - never underestimate the power of the dark side big man.
  2. Pyrates

    Santa Goes to Space

    What an awesome turn out and looks like some gloriously great times - many thanks for your report!
  3. Pyrates

    Isha Wondertaker TK-ID-21085 Tour of Duty

    Beautiful work!
  4. Pyrates

    TK-62000 Troop Log (122 troops)

    I love the last photo - the Trooper on the end looks like he wasn’t happy with the toy that they got lol
  5. Field Report Photo overload!!! Beautiful work out there Trooper and loved the Jawas getting into trouble with the K-9 Unit [emoji23]
  6. Pyrates

    CableGuy’s Troop Log (TK42911)

    Lol - that one Trooper definitely came out molds funny from the toy factory - great photos mate and many thanks for sharing them with us.
  7. Pyrates

    TK-91593 Stong museum Troop (1st official)

    Uber congratulations on your first Troop and great to see your first field report!
  8. Sharp photos - you Troopers are looking awesome!
  9. Pyrates

    TK-82214 Field Reports (8 Troops)

    These are some epic photos Trooper - beautiful and thank you for sharing.
  10. Pyrates

    TK-11281 Tour of Duty

    That’s some stellar looking armour mate - nice work and great photo! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  11. Pyrates

    Crayster's [TK 94616] Tour of Duty

    Keep stylin’n’profilin Trooper - looking good!
  12. Pyrates

    Perth Zoo Members Only Christmas Night

    Awesome pics mate!
  13. Pyrates

    New member from Sweden

    Welcome to the FISD future Death Trooper! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  14. Pyrates

    The Stormtrooper Hall of Fame

    With the winter weather starting to roll in, a lot of us are putting in our transfer chits to Scarif. How better to spend the time waiting with my TK Boots propped up on a foot stool, coffee, and this month’s Field Exercise Reports - envious of those not having to wear their thermals under their armor. This month I would to welcome a Trooper who I joined the ranks with a couple of years back, developed one of the first TK audio apps, a fellow Attaché, and one of the many foundation posts that continues to support our great Detachment. Please join me in honouring - TK-10911 Chris Congratulations Trooper and welcome to the Stormtrooper Hall of Fame!
  15. Pyrates

    Wedding - Oakford

    The day looks awesome with the sun shining, it’s too bad it was so cold - way to tough it out mate!