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  1. V2.6.0 is now available! Please update and let me know your thoughts on the new features!
  2. Found an even cheaper option, BLE tag buttons are between $5-$10! Posted a link to one on Amazon above.
  3. I'd love the communities thoughts here! A few people have suggested adding blaster sounds to the app, something I think would be really cool. The trick is... how to access or trigger them while you're trooping? What I think would be awesome is if the blaster could be preselected (E11, DLT19, etc) and the user had a Bluetooth button on the blaster which triggered the sounds to play. There are products called 'Bluetooth tags' that can be purchased from $5-$10, are self contained with batteries lasting 6-8 months. TrooperTalk could pick up the button press and play the corresponding blaster sounds. Definitely the 'coolest' approach, IMO. The only problem with this is I don't want people to HAVE to buy another piece of hardware to take advantage of this. Which leads me to the next idea. Some sort of voice command system. So while you're trooping, doing your favorite voice profile, you say something like "INITIALIZE BLASTER" which triggers the app to load the blaster sounds, which can then be triggered by voice, pretty much the same as the current Voice Activated Character presets. The only downside here is having to give the command to both load the blaster, as well as to unload it, or go back to your voice setting. Also, you wouldn't be able to talk and shoot the blaster at the same time. Do you guys have any other ideas on how this could be implemented in a cool way that I'm not thinking about? Flexibility and ease of access/use are most important. Thanks! Bluetooth tags- https://www.amazon.com/Personal-Locator-GPS-Anti-lost-Bluetooth/dp/B01MF4HW1P/ref=pd_sbs_468_4?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01MF4HW1P&pd_rd_r=e1b20138-1a91-11e9-982d-992e9505a650&pd_rd_w=VdCGY&pd_rd_wg=BCEuc&pf_rd_p=7d5d9c3c-5e01-44ac-97fd-261afd40b865&pf_rd_r=VFB8BDWJX6Z26CK0CAS5&psc=1&refRID=VFB8BDWJX6Z26CK0CAS5
  4. Coming very soon! An asterisk re. the Bluetooth speakers -- Due to inherently high latency with Bluetooth, it's only recommended to use this for Character Presets and BG Loops. It can technically be used for real-time voice profiles as well, but there is a noticeable delay.
  5. Hope everyone is having a great 2019 thus far! I'm looking for some insight/feedback on what features and or improvements you'd all like to see in the next update for TrooperTalk. Chime in! :)
  6. I've added it to the list for the next update!
  7. Most people use the Aker amp, which I do recommend, but I personally troop with the 50w Pyle Pro and find it has a better range of sound, less prone to feedback, and is much louder than the Aker. my amp is hung around my neck and under the chest armor.
  8. Links on the website, both options are from Amazon so shipping shouldn’t be an issue. www.andrewbrinkhaus.com/troopertalk
  9. Great, yes the splitter is a very important part of getting good results with the app! Please report back with your new results.
  10. What splitter are you using? I can almost guarantee you that’s your issue.
  11. It actually does, if you close the loops window you’ll now see that there’s a small play icon next to the BG Loops button, to indicate you have a loop playing.
  12. No worries, happy to help Kalani. To answer your question, absolutely! When you launch TrooperTalk, simply tap 'BG Loops' and play your loop of choice. No voice processing will happen unless you tap 'Start Voice' as well. I designed it this way exactly for your use case, where someone may want to use only one feature or the other! Unfortunately linking to a speaker via Bluetooth is not supported yet, but I am hoping to resolve that in an upcoming update. If you can run a 3.5mm cable to the amp that will work perfectly!
  13. Great to hear that works! To disable any background loops, just tap the button at the top of the screen called ‘BG Loops’ and uncheck whichever loop which is playing.
  14. Let me know what you discover! I wonder if using a 3.5mm cable from the ‘speaker/amp’ port of the splitter into your computers mic port would work... May not be the right kind of signal for that but may be worth a try!