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  1. Any plans yet for strapping, gaskets, etc?
  2. Please keep us posted on this! Very interested in doing this as well since I've been trooping in my 3D printed shoretrooper armor for over a year with no issues.
  3. ID plate:Having trouble sending payment to Your paypal link on the forum. Any idea why?I've coppied and pasted it but it's not recognized

  4. Good luck, can't wait to see your progress!
  5. I did, yeah. Used the Rustoleum Primer which also bonds to plastic, worked okay. Be sure to rub the blasters down with mineral spirits first otherwise the paint will never fully cure.
  6. Who can design it? I'll buy a few.
  7. From a troop this weekend. People are loving it! I agree a Jedha Patrol patch would be ACE!
  8. Been trooping in my pack quite a bit lately, loving it and getting lots of thumbs up from other troopers!
  9. Thanks guys! I have K-2SO and Finn FN-2187 Big-Figs on my desk now ready to get rocking and rolling this weekend.
  10. Going to take more/better photso tomorrow and I'll be starting on the Finn customization soon!
  11. And here's the 6" Black Series figure for scale. This thing is massive!
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