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  1. Let me know what you discover! I wonder if using a 3.5mm cable from the ‘speaker/amp’ port of the splitter into your computers mic port would work... May not be the right kind of signal for that but may be worth a try!
  2. Hey Derek! Very interesting idea, though not something that is currently doable on the app, at least to my knowledge.
  3. Mike, Can you post a photo of your setup? Very strange you're having this issue. What mic are you using?
  4. Gary, any update on this? Did you get it resolved?
  5. Thanks for your feedback, Gary. This is actually a known issue with iOS and plugging in headphones- https://discussions.apple.com/message/7843248#7843248 The easiest solution is just to make sure you force close any music apps before running TrooperTalk. (double tap home button and swipe the apps away) Also, if running on a device w/ a headphone jack, try cleaning out the headphone jack of lint/debris, and if using a phone case make sure it allows the plug to seat completely. Hope that helps!
  6. Update v2.5.0 is live, open TrooperTalk to update! What's new: · new ‘clone trooper’ voice preset! · updated values for character voice presets · added undo button - resets a slider to its previous value · added UI indicator to more easily see slider values while adjusting them · sliders no longer jump in value if a touch is received near the middle of the slider · other behind the scenes upkeep and optimization Please let me know if you experience any issues, or have ideas for the next update. Happy trooping!
  7. With KVConnection closing shop, here is their Ebay listing with the last of their stock. Unfortunately they can’t offer our discount on these but he said they should be available internationally. Once these are gone you can purchase the ALZO splitter until I find a better alternative. https://www.ebay.com/itm/153152089763
  8. So I found out recently that KVConnection are closing up shop. This is obviously a huge bummer to hear. I reached out to them about possibly buying up the bulk of their splitters, but have not heard anything. I think it may be the end already. For now, new TrooperTalk users should purchase the ALZO splitter from Amazon, until I finish researching and finding a replacement to the KVConnection product, which I hope will be ASAP.
  9. Appreciate your feedback! For a more 'radio compressed' sound like in ANH, try decreasing 'lowpass' and increasing 'highpass' and then playing with 'radio distortion' to dirty it up.
  10. I believe that's more than possible right now, just a matter of getting the settings right. What about the current modulation needs improving, in your opinion?
  11. Great to hear, Ermer! Yes seems reducing 'Lowpass Resonance' is a big factor.
  12. Hey everyone, hope you all have some great troops lined up for this weekend! Next time you're launching TrooperTalk, try lowering LOWPASS RESONANCE to the minimum value of 1.0. For me, this eliminated unwanted ringing and increased voice clarity. I was able to turn my volumes up higher, and people could very easily understand me, without any additional feedback or ringing. This will become the Stormtrooper's default value in the next update. Let me know how this works for all of you! For reference, here are my current settings:
  13. I've identified (thanks to some members of the TrooperTalk FB group!) a bug on TT running on iPhone X, where due to the scaling of the UI for the taller screen, attempting to save/load or delete a profile will close the screen, same with selecting some character profiles or attempting to launch the FB or web pages from the support screen. A patch has been submitted to Apple for review and should be available shortly. This will be v2.4.4, so if you are affected by this issue keep an eye on your App Store updates! I'll also post in the FB group once it's live.
  14. Hope everyone is having a great summer! Would love to hear how everyone is liking the latest update, if you're encountering any issues, bugs, would like something changed or included in the next update, etc!
  15. Awesome! Thanks for reporting back, happy to hear this!