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  1. Olive is less green then drab grey green mustard. Putrescence makes things green. Gangrene is brown and black. Otherwise nice job. White rivets then weather. :-)
  2. 1. upper elastic? pics. 2. padding at front of calves, rear of thighs. easy. use dollar store knee pads and exercise matts. i taped mine in with gaffers tape and hasn't fallen out in over 220+ troops. 4. suspenders hold up midsection. i'm baffled how people wear it properly without it. the cod should be up and toit like a tiger. 5. no clue. some people still put an elastic from front to back at the sides to keep the chest in tight. works well. . 7. never used them. just make the bicept elastic long enough and pulled tight enough not to sag and glue it down at the BASE of the shoulder bell on both sides not looped around fron the middle ridge section. 8. the what now?
  3. All I see at a glance is the belt is too high. It's hiding a button.
  4. Anyways what adjustments do you feel the need to make and will they affect wearing it safely, or basic approval in general? Twisted limbs don't matter. As long as the costume fits you and is accurate as far as the crl goes then it's approved. Your gml is an awesome costumer and a stickler for detail but let's face it: All this is is a pile of irregularly shaped plastic. Underwear. Boots and gloves. Don't assign it life, or give it's existence deific power. It's just a plastic spaceman. There are troops before fanexpo. Take it out as is, let some troopers look at it on you and tell you if and what needs adjustment, and just enjoy the hell out of it.
  5. Is it in one spot , tumbleweed shaped, and black or a dark grey? Rear element on lens or sensor. All it can be. Anything further out will wrap light around it and be a soft focus spot but not an actual dark spot.
  6. Go up a few messages his contact info was posted.
  7. You're going to troop in it yes? Just take the pics at the first troop. The cg will understand and help out even at fan expo. Ask Steph to take them :-) Because, unless you have a tripod, lights, clean wall, remote control or use the self timer, taking pics by yourself will end up just being annoying. Shins not straight, sniper plate under thigh, boot tops showing...
  8. Those! I used to pop those Into a larger plastic caps threads and they just jammed into my bike tires.
  9. They look like temporary caps for bolts. I just can find a picture online. And they don't look like an IV coupler .
  10. You only need seven pics for basic membership. Wear it to a troop. Get another member to take them.
  11. Sadly that 700 might look OK but it may not meet 501st membership standards.
  12. I'm looking at heat sinks 2mm apart in the back detail. I don't know much about fiberglass moulding.
  13. With all the back detail sculpted in won't it lose a lot in the pull?
  14. If the belt and thigh connectors are straps just tighten the belt so it is on hip bones snugly.
  15. Actually they look like two locking air stem covers taped together.
  16. Better dying vestiges than armour that won't fit :-)
  17. And IB boots and gloves are perfect.
  18. If they are the white eagle clones you just pick the white leather off. Before we had better options that's what many alphas did. I still have mine.
  19. No. No. Just build centurion out of the box. It's not extra difficult it's extra steps. Do it once properly. The armour will fit better from day one. Buy a proper e-11 from Brent in Canada. Get the soft hand guards and dollar store gloves. Why do something twice?
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