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  1. Just a small update here, my gloves from Joseph and my hand plates from Dan Laws arrived today! A small beginning to this build.
  2. I smoothed it down and this happened. There were quite a few modeling choices made with this that I wouldn't have.
  3. Well, found another detail. Take a look at the thermal detonator as compared to the others. Looks like I'll have to get a custom detonator done somewhere.... maybe 3d printed. Anybody got a link to a thermal detonator STL file I can modify? If not, I'll just make one from scratch. The middle of the gray tube is painted white and it runs the entire circumference. The plate is laid over the white stripe. The gray part of the tube is a lighter shade than every other version. Appears to be closer to an AT-AT Driver's color scheme. Better seen here: Also the clips are white??? One last note, didn't factor in that I need to have my armor on to take an exact measurement for the belt. So I'll be waiting until I have the armor in hand and fitted before I order the belt.
  4. Sounds good to me! I think I’m going to go the extra mile and try to copy the weathering as closely as possible too.
  5. Update: I have ordered gloves and the Centurion rivet set from Joseph. The belt I'll be ordering from TKittell tomorrow. That should take care of all my soft goods. I ordered the rivet set just because since there's no clear way to strap the armor together since it's a game, I'm kind of just winging it. I'm thinking going straps and snaps and using the rivets to enhance the look. Question though. Should I document my build here or start a new thread?
  6. Thanks, best to have them all grouped in one place so I don’t have to hunt for them across this thread. i also joined the FISD’s Facebook group just now, and I also dig out my old TK boots, neck seal, and under suit.
  7. Oh thanks! I was planning on reaching out to them soon, with the research I’ve done, haha. the Z-6 was a commission from ZenSfxCosplay on Etsy. He normally does regular miniguns and Sci-fi suits. I reached out to him to ask if he’d be up for doing the Z-6 for me. He said yes, found some files, and rigged the whole thing up. It was the first one he’s done and I’m thrilled with it.
  8. So I got the models and did some more investigating. So there's definitely a pretty thick return edge on the arms. Back view of the legs There are definitely screws now, I'm just gonna stop flip-flopping on the issue
  9. That's in SFM? I didn't realize that, I have SFM. I'll find the models right away and take a look at them. I have a feeling I'll find some goodies to look over.
  10. No worries on the cost, it's all part of the experience. I'm going to take a look at the return edges and see if there are any.
  11. By the way, I've decided I'll do each trooper variant, the regular TK, the Heavy Assault, the Commander, and the Rocket launcher trooper. They're all the same base TK, with each variant just having different accessories. Shouldn't be too hard to do them all up and then just switch between them. As such, I'll be working on doing the regular TK first and getting the CRL for that made, then I'll follow through with the variants. I'm now working on how the strapping system should be. I guarantee the in-game model just has the armor pieces slapped onto the body. So I'll need to figure out how to emulate that.
  12. Holy CRAP this helps out a ton! Thanks!! Time to thoroughly investigate these! I was definitely right about the bubble lenses! It looks like the paint on the frown isn't limited to just the teeth, it ever so slightly goes onto the 'lips' as well.
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