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HI all,


I wanted to return to the forum formally, now that I have returned from my OS experience & I considered it good curtesy to drop in here and say "hi yawl". :salute:


I will endeavor to read through the back posts, when I've time permitting although I have lurked on occasion over the years; so its not all fresh news. ;)


I anticipate posting up a sales thread or two (if that's still cool)? As I would like to add to my TK collection again and this incurs the selling off of some treasured items or even means making the offer of a short run of some TK related items,  this I can do, now that I have returned to the the UK without the crippling costs of the NZ/au postal service.

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Thanks for the welcome guys :), hopefully I'll only add to the beneficence of the forum and our community.


Although I do have a couple of potential future (how too) threads already in mind, aswell as the odd short run or sales thread, if folks are interested?


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On 5/24/2023 at 7:54 PM, themaninthesuitcase said:

Welcome back to the FISD. 


Where abouts in the uk are you now? 

Presently just outside of York, but possibly moving closer to the seaside soon? :D

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