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  1. riveting

    Ebay Holster

    did'nt Simons attic find come with a holster? sorry if slightly OT
  2. looks like a different lid, good stuff.
  3. forgot about this thread, wound up looking like this. up FS soon
  4. http://www.sullivans.net/proddetail.asp?ProdCode=53464 This looks close, any thought's?
  5. No Screws, yep I agree despite the labeled drawing I don't think the hook & bar made too much impact into the kit overall. In favour of the glued in elastic but I'm still not sure about the chest & back & how thats connected to the ab plate?, any more ideas?. I've still got "bar's" on the brain
  6. Hi Mathias, it's nice to be back although I was never too far away I see a lot of reference to Hook's & bar's, not much evidance of glue though, maybe a bar running through the sewn over elastic? good point BJ! the velcro maybe was one way it was added to? any other thought's? I'm trying to finally sort out my kit
  7. Is there any info on the "Hook & bar" method of attaching the elastic webbing to the chest plate? appologies if I missed it elsewhere.
  8. Great Tip Thanks Vern. Any pic's of turning back to white? I guess I'd have to import it too.
  9. Hi guy's, I was getting my boots out of the wardrobe & yet again they need repainting/dying as the stuff keeps cracking/peeling. Which led me to think about PAX paint, I've used it in the past on foam prosthetics with good effect but it's not cheap if it's a mix with prosaide, so I thought I'd ask if anybody here had attempted it & if so thought's on the matter. "bother? don't bother?" I looked through the threads & could'nt find anything conclusive. for those unfamiliar with prosaide? it's basically a surgical glue that keeps the paint it's mixed with flexible, it's expensive to waste but might be worth it if I don't have to keep spraying the boots so often. So Any thoughts?
  10. Anyone aside from TK 4510 make ESB decals?
  11. Hi Cameron, Welcome to the forum, So where abouts are you in NZ?
  12. & they look fantastic with a couple of additions, well I think so. pow pow! yep congrats on the MR
  13. interesting read but like Sean Connery said "never say never"
  14. I think there are all some unscrupulous buyers aswell as sellers out there, could that offer even remotly be taken advantage of? I know guy's I would'nt sell to again & others I would'nt send $$ to buy from. Thats one of the darksides to this hobby <_< , Hope the future reforms work out
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