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TK-71668 Reporting for Duty

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Hello all!


TK-71668 reporting for Duty!  I am so excited to finally be part of the 501st and the FISD!  This is truly a lifelong dream! I am so grateful to all of the people who have shared their wisdom and knowledge on these boards.  It has been an amazing (and sometimes scary) six months of making my armor and I could not have done it without so many people being willing to share what they know!





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14 hours ago, TKSpartan said:

You may want to our Advanced Tactics Program  (Expert Infantry and Centurion).  


In looking at that awesome build, I'd say definitely:jc_doublethumbup:  By the way, if  when you see Gary sr. or Gary jr.  (if you haven't met them yet, you will..) give them my best.  I really miss my years in the Makaze Squad!

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