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  1. Hello everyone, I received my BBB a couple weeks ago. I am working on an AM 4.5 TK build. I have been lurking the past couple weeks and reading everything I can on here. In some ways its very intimidating because I worry about making a bad cut! I have worked with EVA foam for cosplay. and when I mess up, I can just build a new piece. For this armor, I am being overly slow and cautious before I do any trimming. I am from the Orlando area, and this is something I have wanted to build for many years, but just could not find the money or time previously. Having my TK armor and joining the 501st is really a bucket list item for me! This has been a dream for over 40 years, so I am very excited to start getting into this! I have gained so much knowledge just from reading these forums already, that I want to thank everyone who has shared tips from their experiences because it is very helpful!
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