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  1. Herzlichen Willkommen und sieht klasse aus. Ich hatte mir auch ein RS, aber ESB geholt. Liebe Gruesse aus Florida!
  2. Grüss Gott, Andreas! Herzlich Willkommen zu der Gruppe! Bin sehr gespannt auf Dein Kostüm, da ich auch von RS ein TK ESB vor ein paar Monaten erhalten habe und muss gestehen, dass diese sehr gut und sehr Original-getreu gemacht sind. Viel Spass!
  3. Gratulation & Congratulations! Great armor and welcome on board. Great to see the addition to this group! Ich habe mit viel Freude und Interesse Deine Vorstellung gelesen. Faszinierend! (Sorry for the German, but it is good to see additions from the German Garrison. TK-23011
  4. Thank you @gmrhodes13, just downloaded the guidelines for Expert Infantry and Centurion level. Will definitely look into it.
  5. Hi to all members, I am extremely excited to be now an official member of the 501st Legion and a dream became true to join a cause that is simply great and I experienced throughout the entire application process and onboarding to get ready to troop soon. As a big Star Wars fan, a TK cosplay was a no brainer to pursue first. I opted into a TK ESB and mainly because of two small tiny details specific to the ESB Helmet and the hand covers. Being in Florida, the silk gloves with the hand covers seems to be more suitable. But here I go, signed up for two trooping events in October already and can't wait to get into action. Thank you for all the guidance and support through these forums. Tarkan
  6. Requesting access to 501st Forums. TK 23011 Florida Garrison / Everglades Squad https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=33885 Thank you!
  7. Thank you @TheRascalKing! This was a pretty much a quick and dirty test of the armor as I was too curious to wait till my boot is actually off. This is a commissioned armor by RS PropMasters. I wore the belt wrongly, the arms definitely need some adjustments as the shoulders are not connected the arm pieces. Leg, have to test it after rehab, because it was too difficult to wear and stand on one foot the entire time. :-) Cannot wait to get into full action and appreciate the guidance of yours.
  8. Did you spray on the letters or is it a decal?
  9. It will come back to packing, I have all leg and arm parts within the body armor itself (almost like tubes fitting into each other). This way I organized right/left leg and arm parts and fits perfect.
  10. I got my TK ESB armor build completed and as @TheRascalKing mentioned, the Husky Toolbox works perfectly fine for the armor, you have to either get a bag for the helmet as that one will not fit. I will upgrade my case today with neoprene foam (self-adhesive) to soften and protect the armor in the box. Besides the armor, all accessories are in there too (E11, boots, etc.). It is perfect size, affordable, and will fit into a regular cars trunk as anything else I found to be too big to fit. Hope this helps.
  11. Hallo Luca, willkommen an Bord! Viel Erfolg beim basteln!
  12. Thank you and I am in touch with my local Garrison and the Squad. Definitely will ask them for some tweaks on the armor (as there some I have in mind). Tarkan
  13. You are 100% right, in the excitement and wobbly standing on feet, this is how much I could wear it. The ammo pack is wrongly worn. :-)
  14. Hi to all of you,the day has come to make a dream become true and I just sent my application to the 501st Legion to join this great community. I received a few days ago my commissioned Stormtrooper ESB costume and cannot wait to get started. Waiting for my approval and the TK ID.My passion goes as far as being inpatient despite a leg injury, hence I am one legged being in a boot (was pretty difficult to wear and stand on one leg)!In general, I do look for guidance on tips and tricks for wearing stormtrooper armor as well as what to consider for trooping (how to prepare, best practices for trooping, etc.). Thank you!
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