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  1. Found some here: http://www.gaspumpheaven.com/shop/product.php?productid=16720&cat=363&page=1 Bought 3 ft. Will see how it is.
  2. I just bought the same one for my TD. I can fit all of the armor minus the bucket, and I'll still have room for my wife's IC.
  3. I'm really wanting to find something locally, even if it isn't totally accurate. I'll check autozone. Thanks!
  4. I should have specified. What is it used for in the real world.
  5. I've seen all kinds of topics on the s trim but nothing ever seems to mention what it is used for. I'm trying to find something locally but I don't know where to look.
  6. Busy morning. I made a template for and cut out my lens frames. Tried bending them with hair dryer and it wasn't hot enough. Gonna have to borrow a heat gun. I also did the reinforcement of the helmet. I used some CA glue and strips of t-shirt. Due to the location of the cracks, I put a strip on the outside as well. It will be covered by the neck trim. Very strong now. I then masked off the outside of the bucket to apply the primer. 2 coats drying now. Plasti-dip tonight.
  7. Got one side of both biceps glued together as well as one thigh. I'm only doing one thigh at a time since I'm experimenting. No sense in having to break both of them apart again.
  8. Wife scored me some free High Impact Styrene yesterday! I will most likely do cover strips for everything though so it looks uniform. Some of them just won't be serving a purpose. I needed to get rid of a lot of the weathering so I can blend in the cover strips. Half a bottle of rubbing alcohol, two old shirts, and about 4 hours later and I removed about 70% of the weathering. I'll be replacing about 25% of that with fuller's earth.
  9. Just got home and checked the armor. The part that overlaps is a lot more shallow than I thought. I can totally get away with butting it together and putting coverstrips on the instide and outside. I don't think shims will be needed at all. Sweet!
  10. Thanks a lot! I think in this case I will just try doing the back because I need so little extra space. I don't know though. I'll have to do some measurements. How do you handle the gap at the bottom in the front? The one side won't be a problem because of the ammo boxes, but the other side will be visible. I'm assuming all pieces would be done much the same way? I may try widening the biceps and shins while I'm at it.
  11. I bought the glue, and plasti-dip today. I also picked up some primer. Lowes didn't have white plastic primer. They had white primer and they had clear plastic primer. Wasn't sure what to do. I picked up this stuff: http://www.sears.com/shc/s/p_10153_12605_SPM2310977603P Should that do the trick for the inside of the bucket?
  12. Wife just picked up 3 scrap sheets of HIPS at a local plastic shop for free. Should be able to start this weekend. I'm going to probably have to sand down a lot of the weathering first.
  13. Great illustration! So should I cut off the part that is meant to overlap?
  14. I think that is the way I'm gonna go. Just need to find some plastic to make cover strips out of. Probably leave the front the way it is right?
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