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  1. I've been away for awhile, love coming back and seeing what's been going on. Awesome read!!
  2. Do you have a high res image of this? That would be great!
  3. So the throat mike works? Great idea! Anyone else use something like this?
  4. Hey guys, been away for awhile. Anyway, Big thumbs up on the Aker! Love Mine!!! It would be great to hear more about the wireless set-ups anyone has. I was going to get the Memorex, glad I read here first. Anyone use something else they can recomend?
  5. The neck piece really pulls this helmet together. Looks fantastic, can't wait to see the final and the price. Thanks for the pictures.
  6. Love IT!! keeps us posted and more pictures .........Gotta just LOVE IT!!!!
  7. Bring on the Pictures! Yippee !!
  8. It's GREAT to see pictures of the helmets. Could you post the makes of the helmets and maybe some side by side comparison of them. This is very good information to have and share with other Troopers to help then decide on a makers design. Thanks for taking the time to post.
  9. Rolf, Your work is Inspiring. I have a file on my computer that is labeled Rolf's Work. Fantastic Job!
  10. Obievon

    vt armor

    Okay, I bought a set second hand because the price was right. The original owner stopped the build for what I believe was because of the work that was going to be involved in finishing it. There was a lot of work making the parts fit up correctly. Once I spent the time the suit did turn out nice. I turned it into a TD with all the added detail changes. I knew that I could hide some of the fixes because of the dirty look. It is a ABS suit and that was what I was looking for, for my TD project. I can tell you I'm glad I didn't pay full price for the suit. I know that all kits have some work in the fit and finish, but this was just way to much. I do not have a VT helmet I bought a AP and it works great with this armor. (so what I have is a AP kit for much less ) Would I have bought this for a TK kit and the answer is NO. (TM for that) I knew there was going to be some work involved and was ready for that, it worked out for the TD. I'm not totally against the VT just wanted you to be informed that in my opinion there is more work in it, then just spending a little more money, and saving the hassle. My 2 cents............. Striking a Pose...
  11. Well Yes (in a way). I put a mp3 player and a amp in it. I play a modified version of the 501st Sandtrooper loop. I also put a small LED inside the dial that lights up. It looks pretty cool in a darker room or at night. The sound adds a neat effect. Oh and 89Batman, I do plan on making another more accurate radio. This was just a trial run. I have figured out what I need to do next time. Thanks for all the complements I hope this gives someone else a idea.
  12. When it starts to bend, leave it be as it holds heat for a few seconds an doesn't need anymore until it goes stiff again John is right on the money here. When it gets hot enough to bend (which doesn't take much) it holds the heat and will get out of hand if you keep the heat on. You defiantly want to keep the gun moving and not on one spot. Wear leather gloves, and remember when your heating it up there is nothing to support it or what I mean is there is nothing to give it shape. In the vacuum forming process that made your armor there is a mold that gives the piece its shape. So the plastic shrinks or molds to that shape. When you heat it back up with nothing to support it, it no longer has anything to give it shape. It will just melt and make a dent and get out of shape fast. Okay, what I do, and in your case, if your trying to get the pieces to come together better is tape them together. Then slowly with the heat gun on low heat the whole area keeping the gun moving. Let it cool. Take the tape off. See if it has remained in shape. If not repeat the process. This takes time and you will have to be patient. It will slowly keep the shape you need. I also, using leather gloves and move my hand on the inside and make sure that it has not sagged or lost its shape while heating. This is a long and very tricky process if your pieces don't want to line up. I know, I just finished my TD armor which was made by VT. The armor is nice ABS armor but it did require a lot of messaging to get it into shape. There is another way, I have heard of using hot water. I have not tried this technique but I have read about others doing it to get the armor to shape. I'm sure someone around here has done or has more information on that technique. Good luck and remember don't rush it.
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