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  1. I've been away for awhile, love coming back and seeing what's been going on. Awesome read!!
  2. Do you have a high res image of this? That would be great!
  3. So the throat mike works? Great idea! Anyone else use something like this?
  4. Hey guys, been away for awhile. Anyway, Big thumbs up on the Aker! Love Mine!!! It would be great to hear more about the wireless set-ups anyone has. I was going to get the Memorex, glad I read here first. Anyone use something else they can recomend?
  5. The neck piece really pulls this helmet together. Looks fantastic, can't wait to see the final and the price. Thanks for the pictures.
  6. Great post guys! Here is another tradition I try to do for my kids. I go to Antique stores and buy a old game and we open it on Christmas eve. So here is what this years find is. http:// There playing it right now... who needs fancy video games!
  7. Okay i know we all have them. Toys you remember that you wish you still had or toys that just can't be forgotten. I'm sure we all had the Star Wars toys but what about the other ones. Here is one I found a picture of on the net that I had. I remember well on Christmas morning opening and playing many a battery worth. Air Devils!! What was one of yours?
  8. Love IT!! keeps us posted and more pictures .........Gotta just LOVE IT!!!!
  9. Welcome aboard New Trooper. As someone once said; "That's good. You have taken your first step into a larger world."
  10. I just watched you guys. You were on Direct TV, I TiVoed it. Had to run it back to see a couple times. Hope it was fun.
  11. Following on Facebook and email sent. Thanks Looking forward to the web site, and keep the pictures coming.
  12. Bring on the Pictures! Yippee !!
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