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  1. Just got a chance to take pics with the fixes in place. Hoping these will make it happen? (crosses fingers)
  2. Happy New Year's to you all!!! I apologize for the delay with updating. Took a week off and stopped to smell the roses. I've done the 45's on the ammo belt, in hopes to comply with the suggested fixes. I believe this is the final step on my road to reparations? Here are some pictures of the completed belt rebuild. As always, I appreciate the time and energy you contribute, towards my application! I look forward to seeing your feedback, and await any instructions I will need to follow in hopes of obtaining the Centurion rank. Thank You!!!
  3. Okay gents!!! I've made some progress and hit another stopping point. First the progression part: Ab button plates have been secured in place and I believe they are now up to the standard. Next I have been racking my brain all week long trying to recall the steps i took with the belt building process. I also had a little chat about it with my Sensai. Decided I needed a second set of hands as well and knocked out the belt for the most part. It is so much nicer than the old one now. Now we get to the next hurdle and this is where I'll need your expert advice befor
  4. Alright brother, I spent a little time getting the button covers squared up, as you instructed. Will use a finer grit to knock down the roughness, next. I'm feeling good with where they are but will proceed with glue, once I get your blessing. I have them taped in place for now. Thank You!!
  5. Thank you for the suggestion. I do believe it is in the correct place where it should be. I put tape on the back to get it to sit in that spot. If there is anything else you can suggest, I’m all ears and would greatly appreciate it!
  6. So the button plate for the small side, unfortunately, isn't going to match up and look proper. I discovered this after I got it trimmed and sanded. Not to worry as I've got an idea I hope you will appreciate? I thought I could recycle the one from the other side and got it cut and sanded. I will await your suggestion on it before I glue it, as I think it needs to be a little bit slimmer. I broke out the belt sander and got it to this point. Hopefully I'm close and this is an acceptable fix to my situation? Next I need some input on the bigger ab plate before I glue it
  7. I dove into it this afternoon and got some good progress in. Ammo belt needs a light sanding with high grit to smoothen it out on the inside. Ab button plates are cut and I removed the center area on the old one. Might need to take a little more off the edges of the plate, but will see what you think about it first. Will get some pics up ASAP Thank you again!!!
  8. Hello brother! I got the canvas belt and plastic pieces Saturday and haven’t had any time to hop to it. I do plan on seeing what I can get done this afternoon. Trying to determine where I can cut and what the best way to attack the issues is.
  9. Hello Brother!! Finally got a minute to hop on the PC and get a few pics of the happenings. It's all gonna come together, just a little bit of time and a bit of effort. I'll address the first fix I was able to make which was the frown extending outside the proper area. Big smile here, and it admittedly looks much better than what I submitted initially. Hopefully that takes care of this issue? Next is the Hengstler counter. I believe the angle of the photos of it are to blame and it is a non-issue? If not I am happy to make the adjustment to correct it.
  10. Thank you so much for making time for my review for centurion. I have already corrected the frown issue so we can start smiling again soon. Blaster is a non issue and the fault lies in the photo angle. I believe the Counter is placed in the correct place. Will upload those photos when I’m near a PC and can access my Imgur account. (Silly cel phone) Been in contact with RTMOD and I am waiting for cost of parts and shipping quote. A new ammo belt, button covers, and ab button covers will be obtained. In addition I gotta order a new belt from Kittell because the one that didn’t make t
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